Morocco, a country that attracts us all for its exotic beauty. The vibrant cities like Marrakech, the impressive deserts of Merzouga and huge mosques like the one in Casablanca. The austerity of its dunes intertwined with the vitality of its towns leave no one indifferent. However, there is something more than monuments and landscapes. what he does trip to Morocco special is their food. In this article we will present you the typical Moroccan dishes that will delight any foodie. We start with the gastronomic trip to Morocco!

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Moroccan gastronomy owes its unique character and diversity of flavors to various cultures. The typical dishes were created based on the influences of different nations and their traditions. The cultural melting pot that we discovered during trips to Morocco is also reflected in the kitchen. The typical Moroccan flavors form a mixture of the eating habits of the Berbers, the Moors, the Arabs, the Mediterranean and Africa.

Moroccan cuisine is characterized by the use of many spices, for example, the famous Ras al Hanout mix, which can contain between fifteen and thirty different species. In addition, in Moroccan dishes we will find an abundance of vegetables (eggplant, olives), fruits (lemons, dates), lamb and couscous. Morocco also stands out for the unique combination of sweet and spicy flavors in its dishes.

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The tagine is the most characteristic dish of Morocco. Although in reality it is not a single dish, but the way to prepare a stew. Tajín is the name of the typical container used to cook and to eat in Morocco: a clay pot with a conical lid that is used to prepare and serve food. The typical tagines are lamb, chicken or vegetables, made with Ras al Hanut, dates and lemons. Traveling to Morocco without trying tagine is a big mistake.


Another of the essential dishes to eat in Morocco is couscous. Couscous are small balls of semolina, steamed and usually served with meat or vegetables.

Pan khubz

Bread is a basic ingredient of Moroccan gastronomy that serves as a companion for all dishes. Bread is a basic ingredient of Moroccan gastronomy that serves as a companion for all dishes. It is similar in shape to pita, but it is not the same. In Marrakech there are several food stalls where you will try khubz bread stuffed with chicken.


Harira is the typical Moroccan soup that contains tomatoes, peas, lentils, and sometimes also meat. It is the dish that is eaten during Ramadan, to break the fast. The best way to try harira is to travel to Morocco in Ramadan. This way you will taste the original soup, just as the local people eat it.


Pastela or bastille is a dish that looks a bit like meatloaf. It is made from filo dough, stuffed with chicken and almond paste and seasoned with typical Moroccan spices.

mint tea

mint tea

During your trip to Morocco do not forget to try their drinks. Especially mint tea, the most popular drink among Moroccans. Among foreigners also known as ‘berber whiskey’, but do not be fooled, it does not contain alcohol. Mint tea is made with green tea, mint, and brown sugar.


In recent years, hummus has become very popular in Europe. However, it is a dish with origins in Morocco. Hummus is made from chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and olive oil. In Morocco there are variants of hummus with olives, garlic, and many more. Therefore, if you love hummus and you are going to travel to Morocco, try it there and your life will never be the same.

moroccan breakfast

The typical Moroccan breakfast is something that every person who travels has to try Morocco. The staples of this breakfast include biscuits, pancakes, yoghurt, butter, orange and quince jam, fresh orange juice, and tea or black coffee. After such a breakfast you will not lack energy to discover the monuments of Marrakech or walk through the deserts of Merzouga.


Maakouda are small pancakes made from mashed potatoes, eggs, salt and spices. From this mixture you have to form balls and fry them in oil. Maakouda is served with olives and pita.


Zaaluk is a dish that demonstrates the importance of vegetables for Moroccan food. It is a mashed aubergine salad accompanied by the delicious tomato and olive sauce and, of course, seasoned with various spices. You will find zaaluk in every city, for example in Fez or Marrakech.


Kefta is another essential dish to savor during the trip to Morocco. It is minced meat seasoned with pine nuts, onion, garlic, parsley and paprika. There are several ways to eat in Morocco this dish : in a kebab, as a skewer or in the form of meatballs served with tomato sauce.