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Galicia, the land of sailors and fishermen, known for its rugged cliffs, wonderful beaches and spectacular views of the Atlantic. And there is one more symbol that characterizes these lands and represents their character: the lighthouses. The proud guardians who have resisted the force of the wind and the fierceness of the ocean water for centuries to ensure the safety of all the people who have decided to link their lives with the sea. They serve locals and foreigners alike, lighting the safe paths between the rocky coastline of the rough Death Coast.

Today the lighthouses amaze all tourists and travelers passing by holidays in Galicia. Below we leave you the list of lighthouses that stand out for their beauty, legends and stories related to them or the impressive views they offer. Whatever the reason, it’s the headlights out there what to see in Galicia!
. The order is random, we do not dare to say which of these places is the best. Come and choose which one is your favourite!


The first of our list is what we think of the most beautiful: the Cabo Vilán Lighthouse. It is located on the inhospitable Costa da Morte, you have to face very strong winds (up to 200 km/hour) and huge waves every day. It is something essential to see in Galicia, as it is the oldest electric lighthouse in Spain. Currently inside the lighthouse is the Interpretation Center that presents the history of the lighthouse and the shipwrecks.

2. Punta Nariga Lighthouse

It is located in Malpica de Bergantiños, A Coruña, opposite the previous one, one of the most modern lighthouses of Galicia, built in 1995. It is a modern work, designed by César Portela, the construction has the shape of a ship that has entered the sea.

3. O Monte do Faro Lighthouse

It is one of the lighthouses of the Cíes Islands, built between 1851 and 1853.

4. Cape Home Lighthouse

Another lighthouse of the Cíes Islands, it is 18 meters high, its light reaches 12 km. Located in Pontevedra, Rías Baixas. In addition to the light, it also has a siren, known as “Fisterra Cow”, which warns boats of danger when the fog obscures the spotlight.

5. Punta Robaleira Lighthouse

It is another lighthouse in the Cíes Islands, lower than the Cabo Home lighthouse, but very beautiful and photogenic due to its red color and the rocky landscapes that surround it.

6. Cies Lighthouse

Built in 1853, it impresses with its magnificent panoramic view of the Vigo estuary and the cliffs of the Cíes Islands.

7. Finisterre Lighthouse

Built in 1853 it is located on Cape Finisterre in the Death Coast. It is possible to sleep in the lighthouse, in the hotel called Semáforo de Fisterra. The Fisterra lighthouse is the most visited in Galicia. It has an octagonal tower, its light reaches 65 km in length.

8. Punta Lariño Lighthouse

It is located in Carnota in one of the provinces of Galicia: A Coruña. It is a beautiful tower built in 1911.

9. Illa Pancha Lighthouse

The beautifull Illa Pancha Lighthouse is located in Ribadeo, province of Lugo. Built in 1859, it functions today as a hotel. The lighthouse is located on an island connected by a bridge to the mainland. The island cannot be accessed without reserving accommodation. However, even from the outside, the rocky island with a lighthouse in white and blue colors looks beautiful and pleases the eyes of all visitors.

10. Cape Silleiro Lighthouse

It is located in Baiona and built in 1866. It is worth visiting during the holidays in Galicia.

11. Punta Candieira Lighthouse

It is in Cedeira (A Coruña), built in 1954, it is a charming white and red lighthouse. It has a wonderful view of the cliffs and islets, but it is difficult to get there. You must leave the car in Cedeira and walk along the winding road. But is it worth it! It is one of the most beautiful lighthouses of Galicia to see in La Coruña.

12. Cape Touriñán Lighthouse

It is located in Muxía province of La Coruña. It is the westernmost point of Spain. The lighthouse was built in 1898.

13. Cape Ortegal Lighthouse

It is located in Cariño, A Coruña in the Rías Altas region, built between 1982 and 1984. One of the most beautiful and visited lighthouses of Galicia.


14. The Tower of Hercules

It is located on the Costa da Morte in A Coruña. The tower has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is the oldest working lighthouse in the world. It measures 55 meters, the third tallest lighthouse in Spain. Guide ships through the inhospitable waters of the Atlantic since Roman times.

15. Estaca de Bares Lighthouse

It was built in 1850, in Mañón, La Coruña, between the imaginary border that separates the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea, in the extreme north of the Iberian Peninsula.

16. Ons lighthouse

It is located in the Parque Nacional das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia, one of the largest lighthouses in Spain in the wonderful surroundings of the Ons Islands.

17. Corrubedo Lighthouse

Built in 1853, it is nicknamed a communist lighthouse because of its red light. It is possible that it was involved in the sinking of the Santa Isabel ship in 1921 (due to the confusion of its lights with those of the other lighthouse).

18. Prior Lighthouse

Little known by tourists, it surprises with its wild surroundings, landscapes and impressive views. Located in the Rías Altas.

19. Snoring Lighthouse

It is a lighthouse of simple construction 11 meters high, built in 1920. It is located on the Costa da Morte. Its name comes from the characteristic roar of the waves hitting the rocky cape. It stands out for its rugged landscape and for being the area where Galicia’s most famous shellfish is obtained, the Roncudo barnacle. Near the lighthouse there are two crosses that commemorate the barnacles that lost their lives in the rough waters of the Atlantic.

What do you think? The lighthouses of Galicia have a lot to offer, right? It’s not just the beautiful buildings, but the mysterious places inseparably linked to legends of the Galician land.