3 routes of the Camino de Santiago


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Do you plan to do the Santiago’s way and are you thinking about different possible routes? We bring you some of the most popular as well as the different aspects that they can offer you. Come and discover the best routes of the Camino de Santiago.

the french way

The so-called French way is the most popular and also traveled when talking about the routes of the Santiago de Compostela’s way. It is, in all likelihood, also the best signposted and the one with the best infrastructure.

Therefore, it is also a somewhat crowded route and this is something to take into account when looking for accommodation.

A good starting point on this route can be from Sarria, 113 km from Compostela. This way you would arrive in Santiago in a period of between five or six days.

On this path, other exit options are from O Cebreiro. 155 km or from Saint Jean Pied-de-Port those who are looking to make a long route with 785 km of distance until they reach Santiago de Compostela.

For those of you looking to do the bike ride you will have to do the same from Ponferrada, with a distance of 209 km, or from León with 311 km ahead.

the portuguese way

The second of the options is the so-called Portuguese way. Through this route you will arrive at Santiago de Compostela from the south and enter Galicia from the border area of Tui.

It is a perfect route for those who are looking to go through the busiest areas of Galicia; the Rías Baixas, while passing through Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis or Padrón.

It is an option in which you can find all kinds of services; from hostels to provisioning services, but you have to take into account that it has several sections that must be done by road.

However, for many this path is the most pleasant route, also passing through forests, villages, country houses and other unique locations. In addition, it has a coastal passage area that makes it even more attractive.

If you are looking to do this path, you should know that the busiest departure point for pilgrims starts from Tui, 107 km away, although many people start from Porto, with a distance of 224 km, or in Ponte de Lima, 145 km away. .


north road

The third of the options could be the North Road. It is one of the longest Camino routes, only surpassed by the Vía de la Plata and the French Way that we have already talked about.

This is a route that starts in Irun and allows you to reach the destination point along the entire Cantabrian coast. On this route, green meadows, mountainous landscapes and cliffs will be the main landscapes you will see.

In addition to its incredible views, it has great advantages over the two mentioned above and is that it is an option that is not as crowded as the French Way, while also having a good number of services and infrastructures and good and safe signage.

This path is the ideal option if you are looking to live this experience without crowds, but in exchange you will find quite a few slopes.

To do this route you can start from Baamonde, 102 km away, but if you choose to do it you will no longer have the spectacular coastal views, something that you will find if you leave from Ribadeo a 199 km, desde Gijón a 355 km o desde Irún a 875 km del destino. 199 km away, from Gijón 355 km away or from Irún 875 km from the destiny.