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Are you planning a getaway to Finisterre and you don’t know what the most relevant plans to do and what to see are? Prestad atención a este artículo que os hemos preparado para que nos perdáis nada. Discover our 7 things to do in Finisterre .

Know its historic center

One of the first stops must be to get to know the historic center of Finisterre. It is a place where the narrow streets of its medieval old town intermingle with the noise of the waves as a backdrop.

It is an area of great beauty where you will find the fish market and a small but beautiful fishing port.

Watch the sunset from the Finisterre Lighthouse

If there is something to do in Finisterre, it is to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. One of the main points from which you can do it is precisely from the Finisterre lighthouse. A true spectacle of nature that you can see from 143 meters high.

Go to the Castle of San Carlos

The Castillo de San Carlos is a must for history lovers. It has large and imposing walls that were erected at the time to defend the locals against pirates. Today, this place has been converted into the Fishing Museum and is a wonderful opportunity to see the gear and boats that have been used throughout history in this profession.

At the beginning of the year 1600, the members of the Merchants Association began to consider the need to build a fort that would protect the port of Palma from the west, in the vicinity of what was an ancient Roman port called Porto Pi. The new fortification was built on the site of a watchtower, the existence of which is known from paintings (such as that of Pere Nissart and engravings from the time). The tower was embedded within the new construction, maintaining the function of a lighthouse or lantern. Subsequently, from 1662 to 1663, the castle was extended from the initial rectangular nucleus, preserving it. Thus, a ring road was built with four other large bastions and acquiring its peculiar shape as an irregular polygon with a star-shaped appearance.


Get lost on the beaches of Finisterre

Of course, going to Fisterra means getting lost in its wonderful beaches, as long as you visit during its epic period. Having the opportunity to take a bath in its cold waters will be a real joy. In addition, if you are surf lovers you will have to make a mandatory stop at Langosteira beach, which is located in the entrance area to the municipality, and which stands out for having crystal clear waters. You can also go to Corveiro beach, located in the area of Santo Cristo de Finisterre.

See the Ézaro waterfall

The Ézaro waterfall has a singular beauty, it is a place that is worth seeing for its beauty and that is 30 minutes by car from Finisterre. If you leave with some time it can be quite an experience to go up to the viewpoint area and see the entire coast from above.

Mount Pindus

Without leaving the surroundings of Cape Finisterre, we find Mount Pindo. It is located in Carnota, just under 25 kilometers from Finisterre, and is a natural site that is worth visiting. It is known as the Olympus of the Celts and is a 600 meter high mountain that is perfect for hiking and also offers spectacular views of the area.

Within this area you can make a famous route that leads to the summit of A Moa. It can be completed in about 200 minutes and is very well signposted. In total, just over 7 kilometers to enjoy.

eat the best octopus

When strolling through areas such as Rúa Real, a place where there are outstanding bars and restaurants in the area, you can taste pinchos of fresh products, scallops, feira octopus or grilled scallops, among others. In short, get to know the gastronomy of the area a little better in the best possible way; tasting it Definitely one of the things to do in Finisterre.