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Marrakech is a unique destination, the city of One Thousand and One Nights one of the most historic and famous places in the Kingdom of Morocco and which was at certain moments in its history the capital of some of its dynasties. and if you are planning a trip to this magical place take note of these typical dishes that are, in all probability, their most outstanding options and that will make you enjoy also at gastronomic level. Do not miss the opportunity to taste them

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When speaking of tajine we speak of a typical dish that owes its name to the own container in which it is cooked and served, that is to say, to a clay pot that is part of the gastronomic tradition of the peoples of North Africa. It is a dish made up of delicious vegetables, meat, usually chicken although it can obviously vary , and spices including turmeric, cumin or paprika. In some places you will find that this dish also features lemon or veal poultry with plums , usually dried.


Meatball lovers can’t pass up the opportunity to have koftas. It is a meat dish seasoned with Moroccan spices. You are likely to find this speciality served as a hamburger, as a kebab or with vegetables. It is a dish that you can easily eat almost anywhere because there are usually many street food stalls offering them.

Couscous: a Marrakech dish

Sopa harira

If you enjoy spoon dishes, harira soup is a great option for you. It is a traditional soup in the area with ingredients such as meat, tomato and lentils. It is often accompanied by dates or figs.


On the other hand, el Mechoui is another typical local dish. This is a recipe based on roast lamb. Here it is grilled whole and served with harissa sauce. Couscous, almonds or plums can be added as an accompaniment to this dish.


Of course, couscous deserves a special mention. As we all know, it is a wheat semolina that can be served with practically anything you can think of; meat, nuts, spices. If you want to travel to Marrakech, you can’t miss the opportunity to taste the real couscous.


The b’stilla is a sweet that is a mix between a cake and a pie, being also a delicious mix between sweet and savoury taste. It has layers of puff pastry, as well as poultry meat that is seasoned with a filling of almonds and spices. Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top.


The traditional sweets of this area always contain ingredients such as nuts and, more specifically, almonds. Highlighting products such as called gazelle horns.

Traditional drinks

And if, as you can see, there are traditional dishes, there are also typical drinks from the city of Marrakech.. These range from freshly squeezed orange juice to mint tea. Green tea with fresh mint leaves and sugar also stands out.

Now that you know a little more about the dishes you can find if you go to Marrakech, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy and taste them. It will be yet another way to get closer to the local culture and customs!