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ALL THINGS to do and see in Muxia

If you are thinking of going to Muxía, we bring you a series of plans to do that you cannot miss when visiting this site of great beauty located on the Costa da Morte and very close to Fisterra.

1. Visit the Virxe da Barca Sanctuary

It is a small hermitage from the 12th century that is located on the outskirts of the town of Muxía, here is the image of the Virxe de la Barca, who is considered the defender of the sailors.

Precisely next to the Sanctuary, there are those known as Piedras del Milagro, which could be the remains of the stone boat in which the Apostle Santiago arrived in Muxía .

2. Discover its Romanesque past

Muxía stands out for having a Romanesque past that is quite ingrained today and that is present through its churches. In this sense, some buildings stand out, such as San Xiao de Moraime, from the 12th century, Santa Leocadia de Frixe, San Martiño de Ozón, Santa María or Santo Cristovo de Nemiña, among others. Without a doubt, a whole display of the influence of the Romanesque in Muxía.


3. Cape Touriñán

Cape Touriñán is considered the westernmost point of Spain on the Peninsula and is a perfect area to enjoy great sunsets.

4. Viewpoint of Mount Facho

On the other hand, we find the one known as Mirador Monte Facho Lourido, which can be reached through the village of Lourido. It is a perfect place where you can observe the beautiful coastal landscapes and the nature of the area. If you are going to visit the area, you can take the opportunity to go from Cabo Vilán to Cabo Touriñán, also visiting the beaches of Leis and Lago.

5. Caldeiras do Castro

If you go to the Caldeiras do Castro you will see that at this point the river becomes a waterfall of great beauty that also ends in a series of natural pools. At this point, there is also the chapel of Santo Outel de O Castro, as well as a recreational area with a picnic area that allows you to make plans for the whole family while enjoying the best of nature in the surroundings of Muxía.

6. Walk along the Rio Negro

You can take a walk through the area of the Negro River, located in Muiños and which is in the town of Moraime. It is a walk that, due to the demands it requires, can be taken by people of all ages and physical conditions, while at the same time getting to know the area of great beauty a little better, with no less than seventeen restored mills.

In short, when following this circuit, you can enjoy a route that ends at the mouth of the river, in the area of the Area Maior-Os Muiños beach.

7. Nemina Beach

On the other hand, Nemiña Beach is another of the locations that you can enjoy in Muxía. It is a sandy beach of great beauty that goes from Nemiña to Lires beach.

Thanks to the point of the waves that it presents, it is perfect for lovers of surfing in Galicia.

8. Lourido Beach

This beach is not very well known and this makes it very quiet. It is located in the village of Lourido, at the foot of Mount Facho, and you cannot miss it if you are going to visit Muxía.

9. Your surroundings

If you go to Muxia city, do not miss the opportunity to get to know the surrounding areas such as Camariñas, Cee, with its Gures beach, or the town of Corcubión, among other unique locations of great beauty.

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