A tour of the Rías Baixas

A tour of the Rías Baixas

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Tour of the Rías Baixas

Without a doubt, take a tour of the Rías Baixas will allow you to know first-hand an incredible landscape, in which sea and mountain mix.

Next, we bring you some of the points that you cannot miss visiting.

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Pedras River

One of the points to consider is the call Río Pedras, a point in which stands out for leaving behind numerous waterfalls and pools.

It is a point of reference for bathers looking to enjoy the best natural pools.

Miserela Barbanza

At this point you can visit the bridge of A Miserela, which seems to have been part of an old Roman road. A point full of history that had in its surroundings the Monastery of San Xoan de Lesón of which today you can visit its remains.

Mirador de Valle-Inclán

To enjoy the best views of the area, a point to which you can go is the viewpoint of Valle Inclán in A Curotiña, and something higher up is the Mirador de A Curota. Both points are Sites of Natural Interest, due to the high ecological value of their environment.

Viewpoints, sea and beach by the Rías Baixas

Dolmen de Axeitos

The so-called Axeitos Dolmen is one of the oldest, largest and best preserved of all the community of Galicia, so much so that many consider it the Galician Parthenon. It is therefore a magnificent proof of the known as megalithic art that occupies a large part of the European Atlantic cornice.

It is a funerary structure made of stone and also has prehistoric engravings. The result is a unique and beautiful area.

Viewpoint of Pedra da Ra

From the viewpoint of Pedra da Ra you can enjoy unbeatable views of the area of Aguiño, located in the area the Isla de Sálvora and the Natural Park of Corrubedo. In its nearest area is also the so-called Castro da Cidá, a point no less than the Iron Age.

Pedregal del Couso

It is a place that highlights its large rocks and views of the sea of Sálvora unbeatable.

Corrubedo Natural Park

The Corrubedo Natural Park is one of the most important natural Galicia, an area that stands out with humid points of international importance. In addition, it is a place where you can make different hiking trails that will allow you to know the different protected ecosystems found here.

However, the most attractive area of this park for tourists is its mobile dune, unique place in Galicia and of great extension with more than 1 km in length, 250 meters wide and a height that exceeds 20 meters in the highest elevation.


Corrubedo is another point that you cannot miss for its great beauty. It is a place where the cliffs and its beautiful lighthouse stand out, key to navigation in Galicia.

Very close to the lighthouse is the town of Corrubedo itself, a point where its pier, salt factories and streets inspired by the sea stand out.


Porto do Son is located in the province of A Coruña, it is an area in which the octopus fishing is still working and in which highlights its walk to reach the Chapel of the Atalaia.