About us - Galicia Travels

01. Our team

In 2018, three friends who love travel decided to set up our agency (Galicia Travels), after several years of experience in the tourism sector. The agency began working with private groups, making day trips to Galicia and Porto, as well as multi-day trips to different locations on the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco.

02. Travelers' Choice Award

In 2020 we were distinguished with the Travelers' Choice of Tripadvisor, the efforts made to continue working have paid off; Galicia Travels, with only three years of life, is among the 10 percent of the best agencies worldwide, based on customer ratings. This award has been awarded by Tripadvisor, possibly the most important travel platform on the entire planet. In particular, our 7-stop excursion to Finisterre and Costa da Morte has won this important worldwide award.

03. Share

Traveling in a group is an incredible experience that allows you to meet people from all over the world. In this way you learn twice as much: from what you visit, and from those around you!

04. Ecology

By traveling in a group you save CO2 emissions and reduce the pollution generated by tourism.

05. Economy

We do not spend time or money on unnecessary and superficial luxuries. Let's get to the point! We offer the best service at a very competitive price. And think about it ... the cheaper your trip, the more you can travel!

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Our motto - If you love me let me travel

Of course the message is very easy to understand! IF YOU LOVE ME LET ME TRAVEL! For us, TRAVEL is an art, it is a right, it is necessary to learn and develop, it is important to get closer to each other, regardless of differences in sex, religion, race, skin, etc. Traveling makes us all more equal, eliminates racism and is the best possible investment, because it is investing in yourself. This is why we deeply think that if someone really loves us, they have to let us travel, learn and discover the world.

our philosophy

For us, tourism has changed constantly in the course of history. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, economists realized the spread of a new phenomenon in some countries, which even became part of the economic activity of some countries. Obviously, especially in the beginning, it is something that few people can afford. With the passing of time, after the great wars and thanks to the development of the capitalist model, more and more people begin to experience "the tourist's life". Today, thanks also to the spread of social networks, tourism reaches almost everyone and is no longer a privilege only for rich people. Above all, from the evolution in recent years, which has developed our philosophy. Our idea is that anyone can be a tourist for at least one day, visit and discover places near or far from home, obtaining a lot of information (and especially a look) at an affordable price for everyone. This is obtained thanks to several factors, among these the possibility of traveling in a group to reduce expenses, in large buses to share expenses, with young guides, with recent training and available to learn by doing active tourism and, above all, that they put good of the client before everything else. In fact, all of our guides receive training directly by the founders of the company. This is a fundamental step for our "tourism agency theory".