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Santiago de Compostela, considered the jewel of Galicia, the most northwestern region of Spain, is a city full of history, culture and architectural and natural beauty.

In the year 2023, this Spanish city was consolidated as the ‘mecca’ of the largest pilgrimage network in the world the Camino de Santiago that has broken all records last year in terms of the number of pilgrims who manage to finish the Jacobean route and who get the long-awaited Compostela , the official certificate that recognizes the achievement of that effort.

But beyond the Way of Saint James the city remains an unmissable destination for travellers eager for authentic and enriching experiences who come to the Galician village for other reasons. With its imposing cathedral, cobbled streets and vibrant atmosphere, there is a wide range of activities to do in Santiago de Compostela and to satisfy all tastes and needs.

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Santiago de Compostela offers a varied range of culinary activities to do in Santiago de Compostela to enjoy the best Galician cuisine . And it is that the Galician community is very famous for its meats ,wines, cheeses , seafood and fish , being especially the latter famous throughout Spain for their freshness and quality .

In addition, it is probably the city of Spain with the most restaurants per capita, which means that there is a wide variety of places to go and try their offer.

Knowing this fact a good plan is always to enjoy a tasting of local products guided and explained by professionals. Some local agencies like Galicia Travels offer for example at a reasonable price a wine and cheese tasting to know some of the most unique products of the Galician and Spanish market .

In this tasting usually the instructor usually gives a detailed explanation of the origin, history and elaboration of the products as a preliminary step to the guided tasting .

The wine and cheese tasting usually consists of a combination of three wines with three cheeses , which can be an Albariño Rías Baixas , a Ribeiro and a Mencía together with cheeses like San Simón , some cheese from the country and a handmade Galician blue cheese that stands out among the best made in Spain.

This type of culinary experiences attract more and more people interested in tasting quality Galician products while knowing the highlights of the genre. In Galicia we must remember that there are 4 recognized designations of origin for cheeses and even six wines that are today among the best in Spain . Definitely an experience to discover and enjoy.


Another of the magnificent experiences that exist in the city and that can be done are the tapas tours organised. There are in Santiago a total of more than 300 restaurants which makes it one of the municipalities in Spain with the most local per capita .

Unlike other cities in Santiago, tapas are completely free, which is something that is not so common in other parts of the country. Generally these tours are organized by agency like the one named above and are accompanied with explanations by a local expert guide in the city. Let’s think that Santiago is a university city and therefore has a great atmosphere at all hours of the day and night.

Generally in this type of tours you visit some of the best known places in the old area of the city, three or four local chosen to taste the person , tasting in each of them a different tapa of native Galician and Spanish food .

And if for something is known the city of Santiago is for the quality of its tapas, which attract establishments daily thousands of people among locals , students , pilgrims and tourists from around the world .

In the old city, are concentrated in some of the most important streets of the city, there are several places famous for their tapas, such as the bar La Tita , or the bar Los Amigos or the San Clemente where the visitor for a couple of drinks can try enough tapas to not go hungry home.

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Visiting other points of Galicia is tremendously easy from Santiago. The city is located in a central part of the Galician community and is perfectly communicated by train and bus with other towns and with the other Galician provinces.

From the city itself there is also the option to sign up for activities to do in Santiago de Compostela and excursions in Galicia. It is undoubtedly the cheapest and fastest option to visit places of interest without having to have your own vehicle or pay huge amounts of money to rent a car.

In addition, these tours are usually guided and include numerous relevant places to visit in a single day. Galicia Travels as a company specializing in this type of organized travel offers in fact a significant number of destinations for the most determined travelers such as its famous trip to Finisterre with 7 stops which is one of the most chosen by pilgrims arriving in Santiago for its great Jacobean significance or the visit to the Rías Baixas or the beautiful Playa de las Catedrales of the most beautiful in Spain.


Another incentive to visit the city of Santiago is to enjoy live music concerts offered by many of the locals in the city. You can enjoy a host of different styles from rockabilly to local folk music or jazz. In fact, locals like A casa das Crechas have been offering these events mid-week for decades.

In most of them it is hardly necessary to pay a few euros , when they are not completely free . It is also common during summers to listen to live concerts in the parks and streets of the city. There are numerous street music festivals such as the one known as “Feito a man” or handmade in Galician that have been entertaining the sunny streets of Santiago during the summers.

Let’s not forget that the city has and will have its own festival in 2024. The so-called “O son do Camiño” usually brings together famous international bands and mythical groups and together in the Monte del Gozo thousands of people from all over Spain and abroad.


Many foreign friends often ask if it is possible to enjoy this popular style of Spanish music in the city of the Apostle. The truth is that flamenco is a type of music originating in southern Spain and is not so common in northern cities. If you can find occasionally shows in Santiago although the truth is that they are much more common in cities like Seville or Madrid the capital of the country.

In countless places in Madrid, such as some traditional taverns, also in more modern places, this art merges with the usual nightlife of the city.

Emblematic places to enjoy a flamenco show in Madrid are the Café de Chinitas or Las Carboneras, just to name two known places, as well as tablaos and venues dedicated exclusively to musical promotion .

And it is that the capital of Spain is rivaling other cities of Spain the summit of this style so rooted in Spanish culture. In fact many of the great “cantaores” and “bailaoras” have triumphed in the Villa y Corte, including Lola Flores or the famous Camarón de la Isla . Undoubtedly a perfect place to enjoy the best of this type of Spanish music .