The best Christmas markets in Galicia

Best Christmas markets in Galicia

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Christmas markets in Galicia

If you want to make a getaway to Galicia this coming Christmas, do not miss these flea markets where tradition and culture are intertwined.

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Markets in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela the capital of Galicia, dresses during the Christmas season with its famous Nadal Market.

Located in Plaza de Quintana, next to the Cathedral of Santiago, this market offers a variety of Galician artisan products. From leather and ceramic products to jewelry and gourmet foods, the Nadal Market has something for everyone.

You can also enjoy live music performances, workshops and activities for all ages. Surrounded by the lights and architectural beauty of Santiago de Compostela, like that of the famous Pòrtico de la gloria, this market is a obligatory visit for lovers of crafts and the Galician culture .

Bethlehem Market in La Coruña

La Coruña has the Bethlehem Market during the Christmas season. This market is held in Plaza de María Pita, in the heart of the old town.

With a large number of stalls offering high quality artisan products, the Bethlehem Market is the perfect place to find unique gifts for your loved ones. From handmade jewelry to Christmas decorations, this market immerses you in the festive spirit of the season.

In addition, you can enjoy a wide selection of local gastronomic products, such as cheeses, sausages and Galician wines. With the imposing presence of the Town Hall and the welcoming atmosphere of the square, this market will make you feel the true essence of Galician Christmas

Belén Christmas Market in La Coruña

Feira do Queixo e do Mel en Arzúa

Arzúa, a town locate on the Camino de Santiago, is known for its delicious Galician cheese and honey. During the Christmas season, Arzúa hosts the “Feira do Queixo e do Mel” (Fair of Cheese and Honey), a market dedicated to these artisanal products.

This market is the perfect place for lovers of gastronomy, as you can taste and buy a wide variety of Galician cheeses, locally produced honey and other hive products. In addition, you can learn about the tradition of beekeeping and the production of Galician cheeses through demonstrations and workshops.

Feria Cabalar de Monterroso en Monterroso

If you are interested in the Christmas markets in Galicia with a special touch, the Feria Cabalar de Monterroso is the place for you. This fair is filled with stalls offering local artisanal and gastronomic products, such as sausages, traditional liqueurs and handmade wooden toys.

You can also enjoy equestrian exhibitions and music and dance shows.

Mercado de Nadal en Ribadavia

Ribadavia, the capital of the Ribeiro region, is a place known for its wines and its historical heritage. During Christmas, Ribadavia is transformed with its Nadal Market, which takes place in the historic center of the town and in the medieval castle.

This market offers a wide selection of Galician artisan products, from ceramics and textiles to gourmet products. You can also enjoy various cultural activities such as theatre, live music and exhibitions. The magical atmosphere of the historic center of Ribadavia and the stunning views from the castle make this market a memorable experience for all visitors.

These are just some of the best Christmas craft markets in the region of Galicia. Each offers a unique experience to immerse yourself in the magic of the season and discover the local crafts and gastronomy. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or simply want to enjoy the festive atmosphere, visiting these flea markets guarantees you an immersion in the tradition and historical culture of Galicia.