Coastal towns of Galicia that you should not miss (I)

Coastal towns of Galicia that you should not miss

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introduction to the coastal towns of galicia

Planning a getaway to Galicia? Below, we present a selection of coastal towns in Galicia that you should not miss.

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Undoubtedly, Moaña is one of the most outstanding municipalities of the Rías Baixas, in Pontevedra.

Se trata de un lugar que cuenta con playas irrepetibles como es el caso de la Playa de Videira, la de Niño do Corvo, la de A Borna o la de Canabal.

As if this were not enough, it is also a place worth visiting the Chan of Arquiña, a megalithic monument as well as the church of San Martiño of the eighteenth century.

Golf lovers should also know that this location has different areas in which to practice it.


Mugardos is another of the coastal towns of Galcia that is worth visiting.

It is located in Coruña and, undoubtedly, be able to walk along its promenade or go to the castle of La Palma, a fort of the sixteenth century are experiences to live.

Of course, once there it is worth enjoying the views offered by the Mirador de A Bailadora, more than 260 meters above sea level.

There will also be a visit to the beach of Bestarruza.


Carnota enjoys a beautiful beach that is seven kilometers long and is not too crowded.

It offers a beautiful setting and is a site in which the Hórreo of Carnota was built in the eighteenth century (between 1768 and 1783) and which, in addition, has the honor of being among the largest in the world with more than 34 meters long.

A Guarda

A Guarda is a municipality located on the border with Portugal.

This sailor town has symbolic buildings such as the Church of Santa Maria da Guarda and a Museum of the sea for lovers of navigation.

For the curious here you can enjoy the auction of fish and seafood at the fish market.

Costal town in Galicia


Baiona is a town in Pontevedra that has unique landscapes thanks to its beaches and more than three kilometers of walls, with three towers, which make up what is known as the Fortress of Monterreal.

If you go to this point, you can visit the Virgen de la Roca, as well as Cabo Silleiro.


Cambados is considered the capital of the Albariño and, without a doubt, is a perfect place if you are looking to enjoy the best cuisine and the most beautiful coastal towns of Galicia.

In this municipality it is worth visiting for its historic center, go to the square of Fefiñáns, visit the ruins of the church Santa Mariña Dozo.

All this, while still visiting the promenade by the sea, reaching what remains of the tower of San Sadurniño.

O Grove

Undoubtedly, another area worth visiting is the O Grove, a municipality with one of the most extensive seafood and fish offerings.

In front of this site is, in addition, the Isla de la Toja and very close also to crystal clear coves and beaches like the Lanzada.

Finisterre Town

Finisterre is a fishing village located on the Costa da Morte, being one of the best places in the world to enjoy a great sunset.

It also stands out for being the point where the millenary route of the Camino de Santiago ends.

At this point you can visit the Church of Nuestra Señora de las Arenas, as well as the historic center of the area and the Castle of San Carlos that today has the Fishing Museum.

Of course, it is a unique location to enjoy the best octopus and seafood.


These are just some of the many coastal towns of Galicia that can be visited in Galicia, all with their own personality and charm.