Coastal towns of Galicia that you should not miss (II)

Pueblos costeros de Galicia que no deberías perderte (II)

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If you plan to go to Galicia, do not miss this second part of the selection of coastal villages of the region that we have made in Galicia Travels.

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San Andrés de Teixido

San Andrés de Teixido is an area that stands out for its cliffs, counting on the most impressive in Spain, having even some more than 600 meters and being one of the highest points of continental Europe.

It is a town that is located more than 12 km from Cedeira, in the mountains of A Capelada, and that stands out not only for its history but also for having famous sweets, the ‘sanandreses’, some bread figurines with different shapes.


Combarro is a place where you can get to know the architecture of the area.

Highlights include its hórreos and cruceiros, as well as traditional seafaring houses, churches, etc.

All this while generating a unique picture.


Carril is in the Rías Baixas and is a real discovery.

It has a beautiful and small parish of Vilagarcía de Arousa.

Also noteworthy is the Carril clam, a product that is definitely worth tasting.

Muros Town

Muros is located on the coast of the estuary of Muros and Noia and is a town that stands out for its historic-artistic area in which points such as its beautiful tower and its square are a real claim.

And it deserves a must stop also the crowded fishing boats of colors.

Muxía Town

In Muxía you can contemplate nature in all its splendor: steep cliffs, rough waters, a beautiful lighthouse…

Here you can visit from the mythical lighthouse of Muxía to A Ferida, passing by the aforementioned Touriñán lighthouse which is the westernmost point of Galicia.

Galicia: playa y mar


Ribadeo is the point where the river Eo flows, a place that borders Asturias.

In this area it is worth visiting the Plaza de España, the Pazo de Ibáñez or the Torre de los moreno.

From this point you can visit Pancha Island, a rugged coast that offers unsurpassed landscapes.


Malpica is an area where its lighthouses and cliffs stand out.

It is a beautiful fishing village that has a beautiful port in the region of Bergantiños.

If you go here do not miss the Lighthouse of Punta Nariga, the Church of Santiago de Mens and the Hermitage of San Adrián, the Towers of Mens, its beaches, as well as the Stone Dolmen of the Ark, among other points.


If anything characterizes Sangenjo (or Sanxenxo) is to have beaches of unsurpassed quality.

The Silgar Beach stands out.

A perfect place to rest and also to take walks along its promenade and taste the best of the local cuisine in the chiringuitos of your walk.

O Vicedo

Or Vicedo, in Lugo, well it seems a paradise.

It is a point that has a quite secluded beach and the most exclusive: Caolín Beach.

Here you can enjoy thick vegetation that fills the place with life, as well as crystal clear waters.


Arteixo is the municipality of A Coruña, in the same Galicia, which is characterized by having more blue flags.

Here are beaches such as A Hucha beach, A Salsa, Barrañán, Combouzas, O Reiro, Sabón and Valcobo.

Todos ellos destacan por tener una excelente calidad de agua, arena sostenible y acceso de calidad.


Of course, you will also be able to taste the best fish and typical products (such as cheese and Galician wine) by having a great offer in restaurants and many pleasant chiringuitos in which you can have a good time.