Curiosities of the Ézaro Waterfall : a unique natural show in Galicia

The famous Ezaro's waterfall

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Ezaro waterfall

The Ézaro Waterfall , located in the province of A Coruña, is an incredible natural phenomenon that leaves all visitors enchanted.

In Galicia Travels we bring you some curiosities of this unique and impressive place for its beauty, it also has a series of curiosities that make it an even more special destination for nature and adventure lovers.

The Ézaro Waterfall is the only waterfall in Europe that flows directly into the sea. Its waters do not flow into a river or lake. This natural phenomenon makes the waterfall even more spectacular and special. From a height of 40 meters, the Xallas River rushes towards the Atlantic Ocean, creating an impressive landscape that is not seen anywhere else on the continent. A show of fresh and salt water

Another fascinating curiosity of the Ézaro’s Waterfall is that, due to its location at the mouth of the river Xallas, the water of the waterfall combines the characteristics of fresh and salt water.

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night illumination

The waterfall is even more impressive at night thanks to its special lighting. Since 1994, light bulbs have been installed that illuminate the waterfall, creating a magical and mesmerizing effect.

The night lighting highlights the different shades and nuances of the water, creating a completely different visual experience than during the day. In addition, during the summer months, light and music shows are held in which the waterfall becomes the main stage.

An important place for their churches

The Ézaro Waterfall is not only a dazzling natural spectacle, but also a place of great religious importance. In the area near the waterfall, there are: the ERMIDA DE NOSA SEÑORA DAS NEVES DE BUXANTES, built in a place considered miraculous and on the road between Santiago and Finisterre; the Church of Santa Baia de Dumbría, baroque style and built between the seventeenth and the eighteenth century; and the Hermitage of Santa Lucía de Olveira whose foundations began emerging in the eighteenth century and completely made of Baroque style -Eclectic.

Curiosities of the Ézaro Waterfall

a paradise for surfers

The Ézaro Waterfall is not only a delight for the eyes, but also for surfers. Due to the force and volume of water that falls, currents and eddies are created that form perfect waves to practice this water sport. Thus, surf lovers can come to Ézaro to enjoy a unique experience, challenging the waterfall and surfing in its waves. It is an exciting and challenging place for lovers of surfing in Galicia.

Hiking trails and nearby viewpoints

The Ézaro Waterfall is also a starting point for diverse hiking routes through Galicia that will allow you to discover the beauty of the area in all its extension. The trail leading to the waterfall offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. In addition, there are also several strategically located viewpoints that will allow you to capture the majesty of the waterfall in its maximum splendour.


The Ézaro Waterfall is a gift of nature that has fascinated visitors for years. Its unique characteristics, such as being the only waterfall in Europe that flows into the sea, its night lighting and its religious importance, make it a truly special destination.


Whether you are a nature lover, a surfer or a pilgrim in search of tranquility, the Waterfall of Ézaro will surprise you and leave you unforgettable memories. Do not hesitate to visit this natural treasure of Galicia and discover for yourself all its curiosities and charms.