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Discover all our Experiences and Activities that we carry out in the city of Santiago de Compostela. This is our basic offer, but if you want to do something different, to propose a different experience, don’t wait any longer! Write us on our CONTACT page and we will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Experiences and activities: The Free Tours

These activities are available daily and throughout the year. Read more!




FREE TOUR - old town

Visit Cathedral + Museum + Portico de la Gloria

Cathedral Tour + Cathedral Museums

Guided tours in small groups

FREE TOUR - The dark side of Santiago

Other Experiences and Activities

These activities are available for small groups from 2 people

Ride on a boat

SURF from Santiago


PUB CRAWL Compostela

PARIS DAKAR - Compostela

F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

To be a travel agency and comply with the laws, it is necessary to comply with a few government laws, have several mandatory insurance by any tourism company and obtain the famous agency identification code. This code is essential to start the activity as a travel agency. Our company’s ID code is XG-682. By law, moreover, any tourist company has the obligation to teach by all means the identification code: for example, on the website you can always see it at the bottom of the page, but it is also mandatory to put it in all material advertising. So, if you ever miss leaflets without this code, do not trust it too much. That advertising can be illegal, and maybe insurance has not been paid for the good of their customers.

  • Administration insurance: it’s an insurance that changes according to the community and that is also called insurance or surety policy, since the most advantageous way to provide this insurance is through a surety insurance given that the amounts are usually very high (€100,000 in Galicia). This is the individual guarantee offered to agencies and the community.
  • Collective Insurance for workers is the insurance that serves to protect workers and employees of the company. It is governed by collective agreement.
  • Civil Liability Insurance, which provides cover for the exploitation of the activity for any type of casualty, such as material, personal and economic damage. The aim of having this insurance is to ensure that the company can respond to claims from third parties.

For many different reasons:

  • It is a young company, where creators participate actively and daily to all activities, and no one puts more heart in an activity than the one who has created it.
  • In it, we speak many languages, 7 different languages spoken among creators. And in addition, depending on occasions, we collaborate with guides and tourism professionals who speak many more languages, being able to cover almost everything, yes, according to availability.
  • Guides are always trained by the founders. A good guide, according to our philosophy, not only knows a lot of information, but provides the right product to the right person at the right time and is dedicated to the tourist as if it were his servant. To quote a famous movie by Benigni: “To serve is the supreme art, God is the first servant, God serves man but is not the servant of men”
  • Because before being employees, founders and owners of the company, we are after all tourists. We love to be able to travel, discover and know the world, so we know very well the desires of a traveler.
  • Because we have won a very important award for our work.

We are very proud to have won in 2020 the Tripadvisor award for the most beautiful excursions around the world. Tripadvisor is today one of the most important and well-known platforms worldwide for tourism activities. And this platform has awarded the Traveller’s Choice award to our star excursion to Finisterre and Costa Da Morte, placing it among the 10% of the most beautiful activities in the world.

Although in recent years we have focused mainly on “incoming” tourism in Galicia, we work all over the world. In fact, there are many group trips that we organize throughout Europe and Morocco. The founders also have experience as guides in almost every city of Europe, before starting with our company. For example, in Morocco there are not so many companies and especially guides that go many times in a row from Spain. Our guides are even experts from this country, nothing difficult to control regarding tourist issues.

Galicia Travels focuses mainly on the topic of group travel, because our philosophy is that travel can be as cheap as possible, so that everyone can travel, taste the art of the tourist and know the world, always letting culture accompany us. This does not mean that we only dedicate ourselves to groups. In fact, for example, in Santiago de Compostela and on the Camino de Santiago, it is not necessary to have a group. We also offer, in short, package trips, logistical support for other tourist companies, etc.

Answering this question is very easy, we invite you to see what our customers say about us on various platforms. On Google, for example, we are the only tourism company with many votes (around 300 at the end of 2021) and with an average of 4.9/5. No other company has nearly as many votes, nor such a high average. As well as on other platforms such as Trustindex, Tripadvisor, Booking, Getyourguide, etc.