Festivals in Galicia of International Interest

International Festivals in Galicia

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Introduction to the festivities in Galicia

If you like to get to know a town or city precisely when it is celebrating its big days, pay attention.

Here you can discover which are the festivals of International Interest in Galicia and all the details about them.

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Entroido of Xinzo de Limia

The entroidos are celebrated at the end of January.

Specifically, the entroido of Xinzo de Limia (near the Ribeira Sacra) is the most popular, being the only one that is classified as a Festival of International Tourist Interest.

It is the longest carnival in Spain.

The festivities always begin with Faraleiro Sunday, the last day of January.

A festival that includes street parties, parades, brass bands, etc.

All this, to end the so-called Piñata Sunday.

Do Cocido de Lalín Festival

Undoubtedly, lovers of good Galician gastronomy have in the Festival of Cocido de Lalín one of their most important dates.

Specifically, it is a celebration that was declared of International Tourist Interest in 2020, the first gastronomic festival to achieve such a title in Spain.

It is a festival where you can enjoy a wide range of gastronomic delights, while at the same time you can enjoy the parade of floats and comparsas.

It is always the Sunday before the carnival starts.

Arribada de Baiona Festival

On the first weekend in March, Baiona commemorates the landing of Martín Pinzón in a festival declared to be of International Tourist Interest.

The area becomes the setting for the recreation of the arrival of Pinzón and his crew, all of which is accompanied by a large mediaeval market and demonstrations of how certain craft guilds work.

Easter Week in Viveiro

Easter Week in Viveiro near Fuciño do Porco, in Lugo, is another Fiesta of International Tourist Interest and stands out for its solemn processions and re-enactments that begin on Maundy Thursday.

Corpus Christi of Ponteareas

It is a celebration that takes place on Corpus Christi Sunday in Ponteareas, where the streets are filled with floral carpets with religious designs.

A visual show that is more than 150 years old and has been a Festival of International Tourist Interest since 2009.

Party in Galicia: San Juan in A Coruña

Bonfires of San Xoán in A Coruña

Every night of the 23rd of June, the San Xoán bonfires take place.

Although there are all over the area, the most popular one is the one at Riazor beach, where the Meiga Maior, the Meiga Maior Infantil and the Meigas de Honor, who are responsible for lighting the fire, also arrive.

A rapa das Bestas, Sabucedo

This celebration, which takes place in Sabucedo, stands out for preserving tradition to the maximum.

It refers to an ancient tradition in which wild horses were sought out and brought to this area to cut their manes and be branded with fire.

In the evening, there are also popular festivities in the Carballeira do Campo do Medio.

International Celtic World Festival of Ortigueira

Folk music lovers should not miss this festival.

It is a Festival of International Tourist Interest.

Undoubtedly, a unique opportunity to enjoy a number of Celtic bands, Galician musicians and folk groups.


In short, the community of Galicia is characterised by many festivals that allow you to get to know its culture in a fun and profound way.