Fuciño do Porco


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Punta de Fuciño do Porco

Fuciño do Porco is a spectacular geological formation on the Galician coast, located in the region of Lugo, in the municipality of O Vicedo. This natural formation has a series of characteristics that make it unique and very attractive for tourists.

Fuciño Do Porto or Punta fuciño, is a Galician name that means “pig snout”; It is called that because it is the shape that Galician sailors find for the mountain peak that juts out to be kissed by the waves of the sea. Its shape is due to the erosion of the sea on the calcareous rock that makes up the cliffs, which has shaped the formation over time.

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the wealth of Fuciño do Porco

Fuciño do Porco also stands out for its incredible length, which, exceeding 3 kilometers of cliffs that enter the sea, forms a large bay. The geological formation has an irregular height, the maximum it reaches is 85 meters, allowing you to obtain spectacular views of the sea and the coast.

To get to Fuciño do Porco, you can take the town of O Vicedo as a reference, located on the northern coast of the province of Lugo, in Galicia, Spain, and follow the indicated roads. It is possible to get to Fuciño do Porco by public transport, using buses that leave from the city of Lugo and other nearby towns.

The Fuciño do Porco area is a protected natural area that has great biological, geological and landscape wealth. In this environment we can find many varieties of plant and animal species, some of them protected, such as the peregrine falcon or the yellow-legged gull. The flora of the area is mainly made up of species native to the Galician coast, such as gorse, heather, holly and camellia.

In terms of fauna, the Fuciño do Porco area is an ideal environment for various species of birds, such as the shag, the yellow-legged gull or the Atlantic gannet. It is also possible to spot cetaceans, such as whales and dolphins, in the waters surrounding the cliffs.

In the intertidal zones of the coast, it is possible to find various species of echinoderms, crustaceans and mollusks such as urchins and starfish. Likewise, different species of reptiles, such as snakes and lizards, can be found in the rocks and caves of the cliffs.

In addition to its natural beauty, Fuciño do Porco is a very famous tourist destination in Galicia. In addition to hiking, you can do activities such as fishing, scuba diving and bird watching.

la playa de Fucino do Porco

the Fuciño do Porco Route

Among the most popular routes, the Fuciño do Porco Route stands out, a path about 7 kilometers long that runs along the cliffs and offers spectacular views of the sea. It is a circular path of medium difficulty, so it is suitable for anyone used to walking. During the tour, it is possible to observe the native fauna and flora of the area, and also some geological formations such as the sinkholes or the cliffs of Punta do Boi. To take this route, it is important to have the right tools to enjoy a safe and rewarding experience.

Firstly, as the route can be a little demanding in some parts, it is important to wear comfortable and resistant shoes. It is also advisable to wear comfortable and breathable clothing that allows timely body ventilation and protection against the sun and wind.

It is essential to carry enough water and energy-dense foods, such as fruits, nuts and cereal bars, to stay hydrated and energized during the trail. It is also advisable to wear sun protection, such as creams and sunglasses, to avoid possible burns. Finally, it is very important to carry a map, as well as a charged mobile phone with coverage, in case of need. It is essential to respect the rules and traffic signs of the area, not leave garbage on the ground or throw it in the water and obviously not interfere with the natural habitat of the local fauna and flora.


In summary, Fuciño do Porco offers unmissable landscape and biological wealth. The area is a very popular tourist destination, especially among hiking and nature lovers. The Fuciño do Porco Route is one of the best known and allows you to explore the cliffs and enjoy unmissable views.