5 Galician dishes

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Whether you have arrived in Santiago through the famous Camino de Santiago or if you have done it for a simple pleasure trip, you are finally here and you are undoubtedly wondering what are the 5 dishes that you should not miss in Santiago.

Here is a quick list of valuable tips that will be useful for your Galician meals.


Let’s start with something suitable for the cold times of the year. The Caldo Gallego is a very popular soup throughout Galicia and one of the best Galician dishes.

We are talking about the absolutely popular first dish in this part of Spain… and what is it exactly?

The Caldo Gallego is a soup that contains cabbage, white beans, potatoes, turnip tops, bacon, pork shoulder and chorizo.

So do not think that it is the typical inconsistent soup, the Caldo Gallego is a good and complete dish!

Where to enjoy an excellent Caldo Gallego? We recommend a place in the Plaza Cervantes (a small square adorned with charming cafes, craft shops and where an antiques market is held).

The place is called Casa Manolo.

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We move on to street food and here we have another Galician specialty. It may seem like a trivial choice, but you need to know that the Galician empanada contains many different fillings.

It is nothing more than a kind of salty paste that can contain meat, vegetables and many varieties of fish. You will also find versions enriched with cheese. The most famous and used in the area is tetilla cheese (which owes its name to the fact that it resembles a woman’s breast).

In short, the Galician empanada is a comfort food that can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

Where to try good empanadas? Our advice is as local as it gets: head to one of the many bakeries dotted around town in the morning. You are going to taste authentic empanadas that are still hot at a reduced price!

Other towns like
Combarro are very famous for their empanadas.


Here we come to a great highlight of this part of Spain: the Galician octopus. The community of Galicia is famous for the goodness of its fish and shellfish, but knowing how to cook is something else: keep in mind that cooking octopus well is considered a true art that requires years of study.

How to prepare Galician octopus? First the fish is boiled; then it is seasoned with olive oil, salt and paprika.

The Galician-style octopus will be served in the typical wooden dish adorned with toothpicks to enjoy the fish morsels.

Any advice to taste a good Galician octopus in Santiago?

An establishment with a more than deserved reputation: El Mesón do Pulpo (Rúa de Vista Alegre, 57).


Steak and other Galician dishes


Here we enter the field of Galician excellence. The Galician steak is a special dish because these cattle belong to a particular breed that lives much less than others but feed on corn, carrots, turnips, chestnuts… all this makes the Galician steak acquire its typical golden color in the fatty part , a detail that differentiates it.

If you like meat, you cannot miss this dish: the Galician steak has an unmistakable flavor and texture.

It can be tasted both in Santiago and in other places such as
Finisterre and the Costa da Morte.

For a great evening of Galician steak, without a doubt you have to go to El Papatorio (Rúa do Franco, 20) which is located in one of the liveliest streets of the historic center.


We hope you have left room for dessert, the famous Santiago cake. Historical and simple sweet, linked to the pastry tradition of Galicia, the Santiago cake is made with almond flour, eggs, cinnamon, sugar and lemon.

Well known by pilgrims from all over the world because it is a welcome ending to so many menus along the way, tastings of this sweet are offered in all the main streets of the historic center of Santiago de Compostela.

It is impossible to find a restaurant that does not offer Tarta de Santiago for dessert!

We hope that
Galicia Travels has helped you in your search for the best Galician dishes to try in the capital itself.