8 Routes for Hiking in Galicia

8 routes for hiking in Galicia

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Do you love discovering lonely roads? Do deep and immense forests attract you? Is nature and silence what allows you to disconnect and relax? If your answer is yes, stay with us. We are going to show you the wonderful trails you have what to see in Galicia. Don’t be fooled by appearances, it doesn’t just exist the way to Santiago.

The provinces of Galicia have much more to offer to lovers of walking. The magnificent landscapes of this land together with its wild nature form some beautiful routes, of different levels of difficulty, suitable for anyone. We present the ones that we liked the most. Obviously there are a lot more. Beautiful Galicia it is a true paradise for hikers.


It is a circular path of 18 km of medium difficulty in the province of Ourense. The journey will take you through the majestic forest of the Ribeira Sacra. It is one of the best places in all the provinces of Galicia to disconnect and forget about the rush and stress of everyday life. In Cañon do Sil you can contemplate the views from the famous Balcones de Madrid viewpoint and visit the Santa Cristina Monastery.


A path that goes along the coast in Rías Baixas. It is a circular route of only seven kilometers and of low difficulty. It will let you walk right next to the beautiful beaches and in the meantime listen to the Atlantic waves crash on the cliffs.

However, the most remarkable element of this route are the rocks: of various sizes and surprising shapes, leaving a wide margin of imagination. In fact the landscape seems very mystical, as if it were a point of Celtic rituals.

OR ROAD TWO LIGHTHOUSES: a new route for hiking in Galicia

An impressive journey between Malpica and Cape Finisterre, It is a successful opportunity for each person in love with the sea, since walking at all times you will be accompanied by the beautiful views of the coast. It should be noted that it is not an easy excursion, they are 200 km from the route with quite uneven levels.

However, you can choose one of its eight stages if you don’t have the strength or time to go through it. We assure you that it is worth it! O Camiño Dos Faros will show you the famous Death Coast from a new perspective.

Do not hesitate, the cliffs and Fisterra lighthouse finisterre lighthouse.


This beautiful route located in Pontevedra, one of the provinces of Galicia, we can’t even call it a path. It is a short and pleasant walk that will take you to Canelas beach. Suitable for anyone. It offers a mystical landscape of rocks that have curious shapes and several small coves. In summer you can take advantage of the opportunity and bathe in the fresh waters of the Atlantic.


A 40 km path with impressive views in Rías Baixas. It is a route that surrounds the city of Vigo and thanks to its unevenness, it allows you to contemplate the city and the estuaries from above. The whole path is like a lookout point.


It is a route of medium difficulty that is located near Santiago de Compostela. As you may have guessed, the path will take you to a beautiful waterfall (fervenza in Galician).

It is a perfect excursion if you want to escape the noise of the city and disconnect. You will pass through the unoccupied areas, mostly through the immense and impressive forests. Sounds like a good plan for a short holidays in Galicia, TRUE?



This tour will take you to the only beach with black sand of non-volcanic origin in the world. It is located in A Coruña and really worth a visit. The waves of the Atlantic, the cliffs, the coast…

Everything that makes you feel Galicia. Just keep in mind that it is not an easy journey, so if you are not in shape we do not recommend it. In addition, it is not very well signposted, then better to do it in the company of an experienced guide.


It is an excursion that you cannot miss during the Galician holidays. It is quite short and easy, but offers some overwhelming views. Climbing the 627 m mount will not be a great challenge. As soon as you do, you will be speechless. From the top you will contemplate a magnificent landscape, the perfect harmony between the sea and the mountains.

Our proposals end here, we hope you have found something for yourself. The Galician lands are an ideal place to do the hiking in Galicia, there is some interesting route behind every corner. Therefore, if you are a passionate walker, you should definitely consider spending your holidays in Galicia.