5 Hiking routes through the Ribeira Sacra

5 Hiking trails through the Ribeira Sacra

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Hiking routes through the Ribeira Sacra

If you like to do sports and nature you can not leave aside, the hiking trails that you can do Ribeira Sacra.

Next, we bring you the details about them.

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1. Route of the Belesar vineyards in Chantada

The so-called Belesar Vineyards Route departs from the village of Belesar and passes by the shore of the Miño river. It is a simple route of only 4.6 kilometers that can be done in just under two hours. It has very little slope and through it you can go through areas of vineyards, chestnut forests and oaks.

Here you pass the so-called Belesar dam and doing this route is synonymous with enjoying a colorful landscape that offers a unique picture.

2. Route of the Fervor of Augacaída to the Castro of Marce, in Pantón

This route has an extension of 2.2km and can be completed in about 75 minutes. Here you pass a path full of trees until you reach the so-called «Augacaída Waterfall», a place of great beauty that is one of the highest waterfalls of Galicia. The waterfall is one of the highest in Galicia and the descent is the most complicated section of the route, although it can currently be done via wooden walkways that facilitate the descent.

Along the path, there are several remains of popular architecture, such as cattle shelters. The most important point of the route is the Castro de Marce. It is an ancient castrexo village that is located at the highest point of a mound with spectacular views of the Miño River.

Camino Real de San Pedro de Rocas

3. Camino Real de San Pedro de Rocas, in Esgos

The third of the routes is the so-called Royal route of San Pedro de Rocas, in Esgos. It is a longer route, with 9 kilometers, which is completed in almost three hours.

It is a circular circuit that is simple and easy to do, passing through an old royal road where you can still see the old side walls and the marks of the cars that circulated there. All this in halves of forests of oaks, conifers, farms with stone walls worthy of contemplation.

This route ends at the monastery of San Pedro de Rocas, one of the most beautiful monuments of the Ribeira Sacra.

4. Route of Muiño da Luz

On this route you also pass the Mao River walkways. It is a perfect route for people who do not have too much time and seek to disconnect in just over an hour. It is three kilometers long, making it affordable and perfect for families.

It is a route in which the wooden walkways hanging over the canyon stand out Mao river. The route leads down the Mao River ravine, leaving some unique places in its path that end in the factory of light.

5. Route of the "muiños" of Castro Caldelas

This route is also very affordable for the whole family as it has only an extension of 2.6 km and can also be completed in 45-60 minutes. It is an option that starts in the center of Castro Caldelas and that leads to discover unusual places like a total of three old mills of high architectural value.

It is an easy road to do usually, in which you just have to highlight some cobbled. In addition, it is a route that ends in a recreational area, perfect for taking a rest.

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