How to get to and what to do in Cape Fisterra

how to get to and what to do in Cape Fisterra

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How to get to and what to do in Cape Fisterra

If you are wondering what you can do in Cape Fisterra and how to get to this point, pay attention.

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How to get to Cape Fisterra and what you need to know about it

Cape Fisterra is located at 108 km from La Coruña and only 98 km from Santiago de Compostela, which translates into just over an hour’s drive. The mythical Finisterre lighthouse is 3 km from the village.

Specifically, the cape of Fisterra is located at the highest point of the so-called Facho mountain, being the most famous lighthouse in Galicia, which is made of granite and is a landmark of the Atlantic Ocean.

What you should know about Cape Fisterra

Thus, Cape Fisterra was declared a European Heritage Site, being an obligatory stop for all those who go around Cape Morte, and is also considered the kilometre zero of the Way of St. James.

How to get to the Finisterre lighthouse

The lighthouse of Fisterra is a true landmark, a construction that was built in the 19th century. The purpose of the ship was to guide the vessels.

The light that this lighthouse is capable of throwing is no less than 30 nautical miles.

Undoubtedly, it is an experience because from the Finisterre Lighthouse you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most impressive views of the estuary and the Atlantic Ocean.

It is also perfectly designed for tourist visits, with a parking area, toilets, a souvenir shop and a restaurant.

Sitting for a while to enjoy the views from the Cruz de la Costa da Morte that you find as soon as you arrive, is a great moment and a great way to fully enjoy what you have in front of you. Take it easy, because walking around the lighthouse is usually much more crowded.

Visit the fishing village

Once you have seen the famous lighthouse, it is time to take a closer look at the famous fishing village in the area. There you will be able to visit places such as the flea market of Fisterra that is held on Fridays where you can find typical local products, clothes, etc.

One of the typical fishing towns of the Galician coast is Muxia, where you can still feel the culture and tradition of the sea. You can’t miss the cliffs of the Costa da Morte, the Sanctuary of Barca and, of course, taste a good seafood platter.

Of course, there is also a food market where you can buy the best fish, fresh from the sea. 

Discover the fishing villages of Spain and let yourself get carried away by the culture and tradition that surrounds the wonderful art of fishing.

Fisterra and death coast

Gastronomic route

In the area there is a great tradition of pinchos (tapas) from 12 noon onwards. In the area you will find a wide range of places where you can taste the best typical dishes and get to know its gastronomy a little better.

Sunset cruises

At this point you can hire the services of a cruise that will allow you to take a tour of the coastline area and thus contemplate the incredible sunset from the ocean that is on offer. There are different routes available at very affordable prices in an experience that usually lasts about two hours.

Undoubtedly, betting on going to Cape Fisterra will be a real experience for the senses that you will not forget, a visit that you can not avoid to enjoy the most of the area.

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