9 Typical Galician desserts

Typical galician desserts

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If you go to Galicia, here are some of its most representative and delicious typical galician desserts that you can’t miss.

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Filloas are a typical dessert from the regions of Galicia, León and Asturias.

Its main ingredients include flour, eggs, water or milk and sugar or honey for sweetening.

They have a crêpe-like finish, but filloas are eaten on their own or with a sweet cream filling.

It is a product eaten especially in carnival period.

Tarta de Santiago

Without a doubt, if there is one dessert that is associated with Galicia, it is the “tarta de Santiago“, a classic in the pastry shops that can be found at the different points along the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.

This delicious dessert is made with ground almonds as its main ingredient, to which eggs and sugar are added in parts to make the dough, together with butter or lard.

The characteristic feature of this dessert is that at the end of its preparation, fine sugar is sprinkled on top to form the cross of Santiago.


Melindres are the perfect dessert.

These are small doughnuts made with egg, butter and wheat flour and topped with icing sugar.

They are typical throughout Galicia, although they can be found especially in areas such as Melide, Ponteareas, Silleda and Allariz.

Orejas de carnaval

The “orejas de carnaval, as the name suggests, typical of carnival.

They consist of a thin, crunchy dough made from flour, egg, milk, butter, cinnamon and anis seed.

This is done while preparing very thin slices which are then fried in sunflower oil.

When they are ready and cold, sprinkle with sugar.

Castañas con leche

Chestnuts are a product that is widely used in Galician cuisine in typical Galician dishes and desserts.

During the magosto it is customary to taste chestnuts cooked in different ways, especially with milk.

The "Roscon" from Galicia

Bizcocho de Samos

Samos sponge cake is a sweet with a long history behind it, so much so that the original recipe is believed to be no less than 250 years old.


This sponge cake is handmade with flour, egg, sugar and a touch of cinnamon.

It is a sweet that originated in the Ribeira Sacra in the 19th century, but it is eaten all over Galicia, especially at breakfast time or with coffee.


Roscones are eaten all over Spain, but the particularity of the roscón originating in Galicia is that it is a type of roscón made of egg yolk with ground almonds, sugar and egg.

Torta de Guitiriz: one of the lesser-known typical Galician desserts.

Torta de Guitiriz is a typical sweet from Guitiriz, a village in Lugo, not far from the Playa de las Catedrales.

This dessert has a curious legend behind it: it is said that the Virgin disguised as a beggar went around all the houses looking for shelter.

She was refused in all but the house of one woman who had nothing to offer her because she was very poor.

The Virgin told him to make a cake with the ashes of the “lareira” and miraculously it turned into corn, giving rise to the Guitiriz cake.


As you can see, there are many typical Galician desserts that exist both in the Costa da Morte and in the rest of the Galician community, and if you go to any part of Galicia you will also be able to discover the best of its gastronomy and confectionery.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of these delicious desserts.

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