Places to see in Galicia with children

Places to see in Galicia with children

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Places to see in Galicia with children

Are you going on vacation to Galicia with children? Next we bring you routes, villages of great beauty and the best playgrounds.

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Village of the ants of San Clodio

One of the places that young and old can like the most is San Clodio, an area that is just a few minutes from Lugo. It is a route that is carried out through the countryside and that has fascinating corners.

Park of houses in Vilanova de Arousa

Another point to take into account is the Parque de las casitas in Vilanova de Arousa. It is a large park where the little ones in the house can play all day long.

Melide's river

Melide river area

This fluvial area that is located in Galicia, is located at the foot of the Camino de Santiago Francés, a recreational area next to the Furelos river, in Melide. There is a diverse area for playing games and a river beach, and all of this is very close to the historic center of the council.

Pasatempo Park

Parque do Pasatempo de Betanzos is a unique park from the 19th century. It is located a few kilometers from A Coruña, and to visit it, a prior reservation must be made in Betanzos. In addition, right in the area in front there is a park that also has an area for children and for a walk, a plant maze, etc.


The municipality of Combarro has an old town that falls in love.

It is one of the most beautiful towns in the Galician community. It is an area that can be done perfectly on foot and where you can enjoy good gastronomy, good weather and fun.

Caldas de Reis

Caldas de Reis is a municipality in the inland area of ​​Galicia, and specifically in the Rías Baixas that cannot be overlooked. Its old streets, bridges and the thermal tradition are all a claim. In addition, it has excellent gastronomy and high-altitude playgrounds. All this, next to Portuguese way.


Allariz is a town that has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site since the 1970s and also has the European Urbanism Award. It has a beautiful old town, as well as small museums such as the toy museum. All of this, in an environment close to that of the Arnoia river, in which sites such as the Jardines de Allariz stand out.

Melide's river


For its part, the municipality of Noia is an area in which Gothic houses, cobbled streets, etc. stand out. It stands out for its new routes and corners, among which the Paseo de los muiños of Pedrachán. In this municipality you can explore the surroundings of the estuary, as well as its playgrounds or go to the port and take a pleasant walk.


Piornedo is a pre-Roman village that preserves the essence of bygone times. It has traditional pallozas, restaurants and rural houses. as well as different routes that can be done through the high mountain environment in the heart of Ancares.

the boatman

the Barqueiro is a A fishing village in which the fishermen’s houses stand out, a fishing port stands out for its coast of wild air and great beauty. It is a perfect destination for those people who are not looking for locations that are overcrowded.


In Celanova you can enjoy a beautiful monastery to visit, cloisters, its main square or playgrounds. It is in the province of Ourensey is a location full of places of interest for all tastes and suitable for enjoying with the family.