Portuguese Way of Saint James

Portuguese Way of Saint James

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Portuguese Way of Saint James

When doing the Way of Saint James we already know that you can go from different routes, one of them is the so-called route of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago. Here are the details.

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What is the Portuguese Way of Saint James?

The Way of Saint James Portuguese is the route that runs through Portugal from the south to the north, going from the city of Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela. The route covers no less than 620 kilometres over 25 stages of varying distances, ranging from 15 to 32 kilometres.

Furthermore, in the 19th century, the one with the lowest number of pilgrimages, as a result of the new times marked by the French Revolution and the invasion of Spain by Napoleon’s troops, the Portuguese Way nevertheless became the most active Jacobean Way. In this century, more than 80% of foreign pilgrims were Portuguese.

Although it is possible to start this itinerary from a specific stage, the official starting point for this route is Lisbon. But the truth is that you can also do the same from other points such as Santarém, Coimbra, Oporto and Braga, being the final destination in all of them the Camino de Santiago.

Doing the Portuguese Way if you are short on time is possible

Pilgrims who do not have many days to do the Camino de Santiago but do not want to give it up usually leave from Tui, this place being one of the most common starting places.

You can also do the Portuguese Way along the coast, an option that will take you into Galicia through the area of La Guarda.

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Why opt for the Portuguese Way to do the Camino de Santiago

Undoubtedly, pilgrims who choose to make the Portuguese Way will be choosing the second busiest route for the pilgrims. However, contrary to what it may seem, the truth is that it is not one of the most crowded paths that can be done.

On the other hand, one of the great advantages of opting for this route is the high quality of its infrastructure, through which pilgrims will find everything they need.

In addition, it is one of the routes with the fewest slopes, something that always makes the route more comfortable to walk and makes it an excellent alternative for beginners or simply for pilgrims looking for a route that does not require physical demands.

All of this is done while travelling through spectacular scenery, full of green areas and forests, making it the ideal route for nature lovers.

Stages of the Portuguese Way of St. James

So, in terms of the total number of stages of the Portuguese Way of Saint James, the pilgrims will pass through areas such as the aforementioned Tui, Mos, Pontevedra, Caldas, Padrón and Santiago de Compostela. In addition, other towns such as O Porriño, Redondela, Arcade, Pontecesures or Milladoiro, among others, also stand out.

Those who, as mentioned above, have less time and decide to leave from Tui should bear in mind that at this point the route will have a total of 5 stages, thus covering 120 kilometres. A stage that can be done in six days and that will allow you to cross Pontevedra completely and reach the province of La Coruña through the southern area until you get to Santiago de Compostela, all while enjoying the best in gastronomy.

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