Coruña + Playa de las Catedrales

Our tour is refreshing, organised by a company where we are all dynamic, with many years of experience in these routes . We organize our trips with a lot of care for the people and places we visit, which is why we have always had good reviews from our clients. The unique treatment of our clients is the most important thing for us. We are from several different countries, a nd therefore, we like to talk to people, get to know them, and let them know the territory where we live. The most important thing is to do it always with a big smile, because for us shared life is better.


Visit the entire city of Coruña and its viewpoints, then take a walk with us on the beach of the Cathedrals!


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The first stop will be in Coruña, where you can take a nice walk in the center admiring the square of Marìa Pita. In this city you will be able to observe the tower of Hercules which is a lighthouse of Roman origin. Since 2009 it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Castillo de San Antón has a great history behind it and now it is the Archaeological and Historical Museum of A Coruña. An emblematic place where you can enjoy spectacular views of the bay or have a walk through the coast. Other places will be: the mount of San Pedro, Estatua del Pulpo, Riazor Beach.
The beach of the cathedral is one of highest tourist interest in Galicia.
It takes this name from the different rock formations located on the beach which form a very suggestive series of natural arches that can be crossed on foot at low tide and which are very reminiscent of the flying buttresses of Gothic cathedrals.

What we visit

  • Coruña
  • Play de las Catedrales

What is included

  • Roundtrip transportation to the departure city
  • Travel insurance

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The price includes the departure from Santiago de Compostela and needs a minimum of people.
For departures from other cities, depending on the trip, there may be a supplement between 0 and 10 Euro per person (round trip) always with a minimum of people. For more information ask for Whatsapp, phone or email:

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