Finisterre - Muxia - Costa da Morte

Our excursion to Finisterre is refreshing, with dynamic guides and we have many years of experience on these routes. We organize our trips with a lot of care for the people and places we visit, which is why we have always had good reviews from our clients. The unique treatment of our clients is the most important thing for us.

Magnificent and famous places on the Costa da Morte will be visited, such as the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Barca in Muxía and KM 0 of the Way St James at the Finisterre Lighthouse.

Later we will have free time to have lunch in the town of Finisterre or to be on the beach. Then we will visit the Ézaro Waterfall, which is the only one that ends directly in the Ocean in Europe, and we will end the trip with a visit to the medieval town of Muros.

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SALIDA: 10:00 LLEGADA: 19:00


Tour to Finisterre – 7 stops

The tour starts

At 10:0 0 a.m. from our office, please be there 15 minutes before. Rúa das Casas Raís, 31 (3 minutes from the cathedraland next to the Porta do Camiño, at the entrance to the old part of the city, where the French camino passes) The Pick – Up service (only in Sant iago de Compostela) can only be offered by some hotels and always with prior notice (there are hotels where the bus cannot go due to city laws) If the hotels are not in the list, it is better to contact us to find out if the service is possible. In additi on , another possibility can be ( if it is possib le) that a staff member can pick you up from the hotel in advance.

Ponte Maceira

One of the key points of the Jacobean route for pilgrims who, once they arrive in Santiago de Compostela, decide to continue their way to the coast of Finisterre, built on the Tambre river. A beautiful place, an obligatory stop on the Way to Finisterre.

Sanctuary of Virxe da Barca

A stop for many pilgrims: The Sanctuary of Virxe da Barca, which faces the force of the ocean and where you can see the different and most famous stones of this place, full of legends about the arrival of the Apostle Santiago.

Cape Finisterre

At this point you can see the famous “END OF THE WORLD” for the ancient Romans, which coincides with Cape Finisterre Here you will find the Finisterre Lighthouse, the Km 0 of the Camino to Finisterre, the view of the COSTA DA MORTE, etc.

Perhaps because Cape Fisterra hides the real secret of the Costa da Morte: wild landscapes and impressive beaches, some (sheltered by the promontory ) with calm waters and others with strong waves like Mar de Fora, one of the wildest beaches in Galicia.

Finisterre Lighthouse (Fisterra Lighthouse)

It is probably the most visited lighthouse in Europe as well as the closest to America.
Built in 1853, 138 metres above sea level Considered the promontory at the end of the world “Finis Terrae“. For thousands of years, it was thought that beyond it there was only a watery chasm where the sun went out every night and through which one reached a region of darkness populated by sea monsters.

The village of Finisterre

Lunch stop right in the heart of Finisterre town (the harbour). Here you can enjoy the local gastronomy with many restaurants at reasonable prices.

Ezaro waterfall

Visit of the waterfall of Ézaro, a place of incredible beauty, found within some mountains that hide many legends. It is truly the only w aterfall in all of continental Europe that reaches directly into the ocean.

Hórreo of Lira

You will be shown something very typical of Galicia, something that belongs to the cultural heritage of Galicia called Horreo. This stop allows you to see the longest granary in the world and makes you think about its special structure.

The excursion will end at

Rúa das Casas Reais, 31, 15704 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Spain

In our office at 18:15, exactly at the Puerta del Camino (Porta do Camiño ), at the entrance to the old part of the city, where the French Camino passes through.

What we visit

  • Ponte Maceira
  • Muxía Town
  • Finisterre Lighthouse (KM 0)
  • The village of Finisterre
  • Ezaro waterfall
  • Muros Town

What is included

  • Roundtrip transportation to the departure city
  • Travel insurance

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The price includes the departure from Santiago de Compostela and needs a minimum of people.
For departures from other cities, depending on the trip, there may be a supplement between 0 and 10 Euro per person (round trip) always with a minimum of people. For more information ask for Whatsapp, phone or email:

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