Rias Baixas Excursion

What to see in Rias Baixas

This excursion aims to bring the traveler closer to one of the most interesting routes in Galicia, the one that runs along the south coast of the community, known as Rías Bajas/Rías Baíxas.

The route offers the chance to get to know some of the most beautiful towns and landscapes in the Galician region, while at the same time allowing you to taste one of the most famous wines in Spain, the Albariño wine whose denomination of origin is typical of this area. All this accompanied by a detailed explanation by our guides who have extensive practice and knowledge.

What we visit

Combarro is a mandatory stop in the Rías Baíxas, as it is a fishing village that appears first in the list of the most beautiful villages in Spain prepared by the Lonely Planet travel guide. It is also the most touristic town in the south of Galicia, famous for its granaries by the sea and its “Cruceiros”.

It is essential to visit the Hermitage of La Lanzada, which offers marvelous views, and the Toxa island, with the fantastic Church of San Caralampio or “Iglesias de las Conchas”.

The highlight is our catamaran ride through the estuary, which includes a visit to the rafts accompanied at all times with an open bar of mussels and wine.

Also very interesting is a visit to a winery to taste a quality Albariño Wine, with an explanation regarding the production of the same wine.

Stop for lunch in the town of O’Grove, the seafood capital of Galicia. Also read the sections below for more information about our trip!

At Galicia Tavels we have years of experience carrying out these types of routes and our goal is always to offer the best service to our clients in the most pleasant and personalized way.


Clear dates

Itinerary - Schedules - Departure

We start at 10.00 from our office. You have to show up at 09.50 at the latest. There is the possibility of being picked up at Plaza Galicia. Our staff will contact you a few days before the trip to see which is the closest departure point according to the client’s location.

  • Albariño wine cellar
  • O Grove
  • Hermitage of the Lanzada
  • Combarro
  • A Toxa Island
  • Cruise with wine, mussels and a shot

The order of visit of the various stops can be altered due to various factors.

Stops in detail

The tour starts

At 10:00 a.m. from our office, it is necessary to be there 15 (09:45 a.m.) minutes before departure. The address is Rúa das Casas Reaís, 31 (3 minutes from the Cathedral and right next to the Porta do Camiño, at the entrance to the old part of the city, where the French road passes). The Pick-Up / collection service (only in Santiago de Compostela) can only be offered for some hotels and always with prior notice (there are hotels that are located in places where the bus cannot pass). If your hotel is not on the list, it is best to contact us so we can let you know if the service is available. Also, another opportunity (if possible) is to have one of our staff members pick you up from your hotel a little early.

O Grove

It is the cradle of the Rías Baixas, seafood and Albarino wine. This stop with a sea view is used to enjoy the good food that the town offers. An hour and a half approximately to be able to eat.

Eno-gastronomic tour in an Albariño winery

We will make a walk among the vineyards of a very prestigious Albariño, that of the Rías Baixas, among the best in the world; it is not for nothing that they sell and serve it throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

Not only will we have the opportunity to learn about the production of this excellent wine, since a tasting of 1 Albariño wine from the Rias Baixas appellation in good company will also be included for the participants.

Hermitage of the Lanzada

This mystical place, established in the 9th century, certainly deserves to be known in depth, accompanied by a nice walk. Its importance is not only related to its history, but its location must be taken into account, that is, on the shores of one of the most admirable beaches in Galicia. In all this, we cannot absolutely forget that this temple hosts and offers some definitely popular moonlight rituals, which makes it even more unique in its kind.


To get to this picturesque little town, one of the most beautiful in Spain, located on the banks of the Ría de Pontevedra, we will cross part of the Bay of Poio.

All this beauty is conferred on it by a giant rock on which it is built, by the hórreos with which it is surrounded, by the houses that overlook the sea and by various stone crosses typical of Galicia, called “Cruiseiros”, which are found on the site.

Walking through the characteristic streets and squares of this place, you have, therefore, the possibility of making a true and authentic journey through time, as well as visiting an area of ​​great ecological value.

A Toxa

This relaxing island, famous for the production of soap and for its thermal waters, is located in an area called « Red Natura 2000 », but it does not end here: we can find a small museum of the old soap factory and a fully covered chapel. of shells

Cruise with wine, mussels, drinks and a shot

A tour over the sea, through which you can admire and directly face the production of mussels, oysters and scallops; We will make different stops to be able to contemplate the watering holes and then be able to taste steamed mussels in great quantity accompanied by one of the best local wines and a good shot of Crema de Orujo.

What is included

  • Round trip transportation
  • Mandatory insurance
  • Tasting of 1 Albariño wine in the winery and vineyard
  • Cruise with wine, mussels and shot
  • Tour Leader



The tour usually takes place on other days as well, depending on the number of customer reservations.
(Ask us by whatsapp or mail, for specific dates)


The excursion takes place always in English and Spanish


  • TIPS
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE (Private insurance)

PRICE Travel Insurance : 10€ per person

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    Tour guide maked plan depending on the rain 🙏☀️

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    exceptional, to say the least, you can see the experience of the guides. Best agency

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    I’m so happy to having caught this opportunity.

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    beautiful experience, I had a good time and I was able to see wonderful places

  6. Kiara Devel

    The guides were really good ansd the voyage was quite quiet and fun.

  7. Oscar Wright

    It was a very nice trip with them especially the way that the employees were behavaning with us they have a perfect guide tour they were speaking multiple language and there were satisfying explaining , I am looking forward to traveling with them again, I recommend to have a trip with them.

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    It was a perfect vocation, i went with my frinds to the end of the world, looking only for the ocean 😍

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    They give you all the information to discover all the best places with charming history, they organize it very well, and they also give you a good memory

  11. Jennifer Evans

    Really good!

  12. Naomi

    wonderful trip, thank you all for this opportunity

  13. Marte

    Ash, our guide for the day, is very prepared and can conduct the tour in both English and Spanish. The bus was comfortable & clean and the tour well planned. I can recommend this tour to those who would like to see more beyond Santiago de Compostela but don’t have enough time to do the actual camino!

  14. Matias Robinson


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    Galicia Travels is one of the places in the world that you can go and see the amazing places, beaches forests. Do your business ethics with amazing people and culture, this is the place that you can develop your study session in high quality.

  16. Natasha

    perfect excursion, truly exceptional in everything

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    what to say, great trip, trained staff, fantastic special day

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    This company is really one of the best company which I have travelled with, they are very nice, helpful and fully known the places. In addition the prices is really cheap just 29 € for 7 stops and they take a photos for us and speaks four languages. Thank you for this unmemorable moments and I will be happy to go with you again when I come to spain😍😍😍

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    a particular, unique and inimitable excursion. thank you

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    What a magnificent day. Ash, the guide, was informative. The stops were all well timed and we had a super day. I would definately recommend this trip.

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    perfect excursion, well organized and enjoyable. The wines I tasted were tasty. compliments(Editado)Recuperar original

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    I’d do it another 100 times

  33. Abraham

    a particular, unique and inimitable excursion. thanks

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    wonderful day, thank you

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