Rías baixas catamaran tour: what you should know

Rías baixas catamaran tour: what you should know

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Discover the Rías Baixas catamaran tour

Are you going to the Rías Baixas and one of the activities you want to do is give unpaseo by catamaran to Rías Baixas? Here are all the details you should know about it.

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What is known as the Rías Baixas

The first thing to note is that it is known as the area of Rías Baixas to the area of the coastal area of Galicia, which goes from Finisterre to the estuary of Vigo. Thus, it is an area that occupies practically the entire province of Pontevedra, as well as part of the west coast of La Coruña.

Thus, if we take a tour of the Rías Baixas that goes from north to south we find the Ria de Corcubión, the Ría de Muros and Noya, the Ría de Arosa, the Ria de Pontevedra and the Aldán Estuary. In short, it is known under the name of Rías Baixas the rías of Vigo, Pontevedra, Arousa and Muros-Noia.

Why take a catamaran trip through Rías Baixas

If you go to las Rías Baixas A catamaran ride will help you to get to know its beaches better. Making stops through its fishing villages, villages and ports will be much easier.

Some of the most important itineraries you can enjoy by catamaran are the following.

Ver O Grove and the Arousa Estuary. This way you can get to know the largest estuary in Galicia and its different beaches. It is an area full of points where you can get to know this part of the Rías Baixas first hand and taste the best of the gastronomy of the area.

Tour from Sanxenxo through the Pontevedra Estuary, also visiting the Ons Islands or even the Cíes Islands. There are exits in these points organized that you can’t lose.

Get to know Vigo better by the Ria de Vigo itself, obtaining from this point an unbeatable accessibility to areas such as the Cíes Islands.

Why take a catamaran trip through Rías Baixas

Rías Baixas con paseo en catamarán

One of the options to choose to take a catamaran ride through the Rías Baixas will allow you to know the Salnés peninsula, as well as the island of Ons and the Toja, all starting from Pontevedra and touring its historic quarter.

In this point you can know places of real reference such as the provincial museum, the church of A Peregrina, the square of A Leña and other areas of interest.

A walk that can end at a point like Cambados, thus enjoying the stones of the square of Fefiñáns and the beautiful Romanesque church with which it has San Bieito.

In any case, to make these trips by catamaran it is important to be informed about this type of excursions and hire them previously: know schedules, tours, prices, duration, will be fundamental to opt for a type of trip by catamaran or other. You will have several options at your fingertips that will allow you to find your perfect catamaran ride to Rías Baixas.

In addition, when selecting precisely this type of excursion you will have to take into account the time you have during your trip. If you are going to be knowing the Rías Baixas a day, two, three, four… This point will be decisive before making your selection.