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Rías baixas

Rías Baixas is a coastal region of Galicia, located in the north west of Spain, which is located in the province of Pontevedra. Rías Baixas is a coastal region of Galicia, located in the north west of Spain, which is located in the province of Pontevedra.

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This region is very famous especially for its gastronomy, its wonderful landscapes and its wine production. In fact, Rías Baixas is a wine-growing region, popular above all for its white wines produced from the Albariño grape. Its numerous rainfalls allow the grapes to grow in a humid and cool environment. The proximity to the Atlantic Ocean is also a factor that influences the success of the product.

In Rías Baixas its wineries are famous, because they use sustainable winemaking techniques that allow them to produce a very high quality wine. Many wineries belong to a family, and in many cases it is possible to take a guided tour within these sites, where you can taste their exquisite wines.

As we have already seen, its most recognized grape is Albariño, but it is not the only variety grown in this region. In fact, there are other types of grapes such as: Loureira, Treixadura and Godello. En estos lugares se producen, en cantidades más pequeñas, también vinos tintos.

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In addition to its wines, in this place you can find some wonderful landscapes, both on its coast and in its interior. In this region there are many recommended itineraries, below we recommend the most notable ones.

The first itinerary is called “the Wine Route”, which is perfect especially for wine lovers. Durante esta ruta es posible también visitar diferentes bodegas, donde se pueden degustar unos vinos deliciosos.

The second route is the “Lighthouse Route”. On this itinerary you can see, in addition to sensational views of the coast and the Atlantic Ocean, also some surprising lighthouses.

The third route is known as the “Route of Stone and Water”, in this itinerary you can explore some of the most suggestive mountain places, discovering some of the most beautiful towns and villages in the region.

Finally, there is the route of the Pazos. This itinerary offers the opportunity to visit the pazos, these are very famous architectural structures in Galicia, this route is perfect especially for lovers of history and architecture.


Rías Baixas is also known for its very rich gastronomy, which can be perfectly combined with its high quality wines. In particular, seafood is part of the diet here. Among its most notable dishes you can find: Galician-style octopus, seafood-style clams, and mussels with vinaigrette.

But this region is also famous for its meat, particularly its beef, pork and lamb, and for its typical cheeses and sweets.

Among its best-known traditional dishes are lacón with turnip greens, Galician broth and empanada. All these dishes can be accompanied by the delicious wines of Rías Baixas.

To conclude, the gastronomy of Galicia is very varied and rich, in fact, it offers fresh seafood, delicious meat, and obviously accompanied by its exquisite wine.


Rías Baixas is one of the most impressive places in Galicia. Likewise, in the region it is possible to visit many extraordinary towns and places, and allows tourists to discover Galician culture and enjoy the beauties of their region.

The first is Combarro. It is a fishing town located in the Pontevedra estuary. Combarro is known above all for its unique architecture, which is mainly made up of granaries, that is, granaries typical of this region, where the harvest and food used to be preserved.

The second is Cambados. This town is famous above all for Albariño wine. Cambados is a magnificent town, which has a well-preserved historical part, where you can admire historic mansions and gardens.

These are just some of the towns that can be found in these areas. In Rías Baixas it is possible to fully immerse yourself in Galician culture and observe its beauties.


To conclude, Rías Baixas is a wonderful place, where it is possible to savor the true Galician tradition. On the one hand, enjoying its delicious wines and typical dishes and, on the other, visiting its incredible coasts and towns.