Routes of hiking in Santiago de Compostela

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Santiago de Compostela the capital of Galicia and the final destination of the famous Camino de Santiago, is one of the most magical cities in Spain. Known for its rich history and its majestic cathedral where the tomb of the Apostle Santiago is located, it is despite its small size a multicultural city to which thousands of people from all continents come every year.

Located in the autonomous region of Galicia Known as one of the green lungs of Spain, its landscape is made up of sinuous hills and lush Atlantic-type forests, full of oaks, pines or birches, accompanied by other foreign species such as eucalyptus.The city surrounded by these wooded landscapes is also, although unknown to the general public, the apex of several routes of hiking in Santiago de Compostela very close to the old town of the city itself.

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This is the closest route to the city, in fact part of it runs through the Carmen neighborhood, already on the outskirts of the old area of Compostela. On this tour you visit the historical contours of the Sarela River and mix culture with the history of the Jacobean town.

And the Sarela river was part of the tanning industrial core in the city. Between the 17th and 20th centuries Santiago was one of the tanning centers of Spain. Along this river there are countless old factories dedicated to this work, which was one of the engines of the local economy until the last factories were closed in the 60s.

The Sarela River is one of the rivers most closely linked to the history of the city. It is full of buildings for human use such as mills or homes that were supplied with its waters. The route consists of a route of about 7 kilometers that can be walked in just over an hour at a good pace. At its furthest point, walkers can travel to places as far away as Vidán or La Peregrina, already on the outskirts of the urban area itself. Without a doubt a very interesting tour due to its historical relevance.


In this new route you visit the most prominent mountain in the surroundings of the city of Santiago, along with the Pico Sacro, known as Monte Pedroso.

It is not an excessively high mountain, it measures 461 meters high, so we can say that it is more of a hill but from it you can see the entire Compostela city.

This time the route is somewhat shorter than that of Sarela since the walk is only 5 kilometers. This route would begin in the San Lorenzo area in the middle Santiago’s way to Finisterre and following the route of the old Royal Road to the Coast. Following this old path we will enter what is known as the Black Forest, a traditional Galician forest full of history and legends that is located on the way to Figueiras, one of the rural parishes of the Santiago city council.

From the Black Forest with its ancient stone walls and centuries-old oaks, you climb towards the foot of the mountain. From there, following the Via Crucis, the ascent begins, which can take a maximum of 40 minutes. Once at the top, where large antennas and a large cruise stand out, the walker can enjoy a great panoramic view of Santiago with the cathedral and the old part of the city in the foreground.

The summit itself is also a place of historical relevance since in addition to the facilities found there, there are numerous petroglyphs that date back to the Bronze Age and are related to pre-Roman cultures.



This new route is also closely related to the history of the city, this time the history of the 19th century. It is the route that takes us to the banquet forest in Conxo. Conxo’s banquet It was a meeting with food and toasts, including speeches, of a group of liberal students and intellectuals belonging to the Democratic Party with local workers and artisans. The banquet was a scandal at the time since it represented a violation of the social and political codes of the time.

In homage to this event, the place of the banquet was restored and today it is a perfect place to reach on a route that runs through part of the outskirts of the city and immerses itself in the Conxo neighborhood, formerly an independent town hall until 1925, from the city of Santiago.

The walk lasts 4 kilometers and is without a doubt one of the most pleasant walks that can be done in Santiago since it enters ancient forests of native oaks in addition to passing near the Conxo hospital, an old medieval monastery converted to hospital service in the 19th century. XIX. Without a doubt another good option to spend the day and get to know the area of the Compostela city.


Likewise, a great plan, in addition to traveling the routes of the city, is to travel to other places from it. Santiago has a central position within Galicia So it is the perfect place from which to travel to other parts of the community. And this position makes it very easy to access day trips where you can explore the coast or visit sites related to the Jacobean tradition.

For years agencies like Galicia Travels They make this task easier for the visitor since they offer a complete package of activities and tours like the one you visit Finisterre , Muxía and the Costa da Morte or the one that leads to the Rías Bajas or the very famous The Cathedrals beach. And the best thing is, everything is just a click away. Without a doubt another great opportunity to learn a little more about Santiago and its surroundings.