Routes to do in Pontevedra

Routes to do in Pontevedra

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At the discovery of Pontevedra

If you are lovers of routes, don’t miss all these options that you can enjoy in the city of Pontevedra.

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Routes to do in Pontevedra

Hiking lovers have in these routes some options to do when visiting the area of Pontevedra, options with all kinds of difficulty levels for everyone.

Routes of Pedras Negras

The Pedras Negras Route has a distance of about 9 kilometres between the outward and return journey and is a route that runs through the town of San Vicente do Mar, in O Grove.. Through it you can walk along wooden walkways on the coast.

It is a path that borders the area of O Grove. You can also enjoy breathtaking views of the coast, and areas such as the beach of La Lanzada, the Ons Island, etc. The route ends at the beach of Con Negras and you can enjoy the island of Sálvora and the Arousa estuary.


Routes to do in Pontevedra: O Grove

Route through the Atlantic Islands National Park

The Atlantic Islands National Park is a perfect spot for those who like to go on long walks and also enjoy nature. From this area, there are several options if you are looking for hiking routes in the Cies Island. In particular, there is the Route South, Route North, Route do Faro and Route do Castelo.

Route through Baiona

This route, which runs from the Paseo de Monte Boi and the Walls of the Parador Nacional Conde de Gondomar, is 6 kilometres long and of low difficulty.

The route starts in the coastal town of Baiona, in the Vigo estuary, and is a circular route around the walls of the Parador Nacional Conde de Gondomar in Baiona. This is a walk that can be done inside the Parador, in the interior version, or on the outside of the walls.

On this route you can enjoy the best views of the Vigo Estuary, the Cíes Islands. Once in Baiona, you can also take advantage of your stay in Baiona to visit the historic centre and the replica of the Pinta caravel, one of the caravels with which Columbus discovered America.

Cape Home and Cape Udra

This is a circular route. Precisely in the Pontevedra estuary and in the Vigo estuary, where Cape Udra and Cape Home are located. At Cape Udra you can follow the blue trail route with an extension of 7.25 km and enjoy unbeatable views of the Pontevedra estuary, the Aldán estuary.

On the other hand, the Cape Home route will allow you to enjoy the unbeatable views of Cíes Islands, the Vigo estuary, the Costa da Vela, as well as the beaches of Cangas, such as Barra or Nerga. This route is 17.23 km long and is a circular route of moderate difficulty.

Molinos Routes

This is a path known as the route of the Mills of the Barosa River PRG and where you can enjoy the Natural Park of the Barosa River. All this along a path that runs parallel to the river, between waterfalls . At this point you can enjoy the 17th century church of San Breixo and its unbeatable views.

The Ullo Salt Flats

If you are looking for a low-difficulty route of 5 kilometres, the Salinas de Ullo is a very accessible route. This is an easy route that passes through the Vigo estuary, in the San Simón and Vilaboa cove.