The best routes and trails of Santiago de Compostela

The best routes and trails in Santiago de Compostela

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Trails OF Santiago de Compostela

For all those who like to travel, while not losing contact with nature or the opportunity to practice some type of sport, these routes and trails of Santiago de Compostela can be great options.

Here are some of the most important ones you can do.

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Mount Fecova to Granxa do Xesto

The first of the trekking routes through Santiago is the one that goes from Monte Fecova to Granxa do Xesto, passing through Monte Pedroso. It is a route of moderate difficulty, in which a distance of 14.6 kilometers is covered, with a slope of 544 meters and a circular shape.

It is an option that will usually take you about 4 and a half hours and is a perfect choice for hiking lovers.

Camino de Santiago Sanabrés

The route called Camino de Santiago Sanabrés yes that will take you several days because it has nothing less than 361 kilometers. It is one of the options to make the Camino de Santiago usually takes about 92 hours on average.

The Camino de Santiago Sanabrés, also called the Mozarabic Way (like some roads in the south of the Iberian Peninsula) or, in Galicia, the Camino Gallego del Sur, began as a shortcut in the Jacobean pilgrimages along the Camino de Santiago de la Plata. Pilgrims from the Zamora town of Granja de Moreruela direct their steps towards Santiago de Compostela through the Sanabria region, reaching the interior route of the Camino de los Portugueses in the Galician cities of Verín or Orense.

The entire layout of the route has proper signage, sufficient documentation and necessary infrastructure for the pilgrim.

Routes and trails in Santiago de Compostela

MTB route of the salmon

The BTT Salmon Route allows you to take a tour of the beautiful Ulla Valley and its tributaries. It is an option that covers 38 kilometers, so it can be done in about 4 hours and has a low difficulty.

To do it you will have to leave from A Estrada and go through areas such as the parishes of Matalobos, San Xiao de Vea, Aguións… to end up in A Estrada. It is a circular route of low difficulty, which makes it perfect for the whole family.

Route Casa do Patrón

The Casa de Patrón route is an option that takes place near the Casa do Patrón Museum and has a high interest in both natural, cultural and ethnographic level.

It is a route that has a distance of 4.5 km, which is done in two hours and has a low difficulty.

Both the starting point and the arrival point is the Ethnographic Museum Casa do Patrón, being a circular route.

The Furelos River Route

The so-called Furelos River route has an extension of 15 km, presents a moderate technical difficulty and can be done in about 4 hours. It starts from the village of San Salvador and ends in the parish of Santa María de Melide.

This route if for something stands out is to offer at all times incredible views, thanks to the scenic beauty of the tour. In addition, you can know different typical villages of Galicia, its churches, the medieval bridge of Furelos or its typical buildings.

Remesquide-Basebe route

La Ruta Ruta Remesquide-Basebe is a Sendero Lineal that appeals to the Village of Cruces and that starts in Basebe to end in Remesquide. It is a 14 km journey in which you can see the river Ulla. All this can be done in about 4 hours and has a difficulty: medium-low.

Route from bridge to bridge

This route is linear and passes through three types of tracks, all on a road with an extension of 9 km, of low difficulty that can be covered in about two hours and leaving from the so-called Ponte Remesquide and ending at Ponte Ledesma.

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