Santiago de Compostela and its parks

Santiago de Compostela and its parks

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a city of parks

Santiago de Compostela is today the goal of the world’s largest pilgrimage network In the past year 2023 all records were surpassed with about half a million pilgrims who arrived successfully in the city of Apostol finishing their Jacobean ways.

Usually when someone arrives in the city they can notice , besides seeing its spectacular cathedral and its stately buildings , the great variety of green areas with which the city has.

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parks in santiago de compostela

And although it is a small city, it has about one hundred thousand inhabitants , Santiago is perhaps the city of Galicia, and one of the most in Spain , with more square meters of green areas per capita

And certainly the parks of Santiago de Compostela offer a close, quiet and historically interesting natural getaway without even leaving the city.

This wide variety of green spaces treasures, parks with their own personality and unique charm that attracts both locals and tourists and visitors from all over the world.

From the historic gardens with a finisecular aspect to the modern spaces adapted to the whole family, the parks of Santiago de Compostela are spaces adapted to all kinds of people .


One of the most emblematic parks of the city is the Parque de la Alameda, a little the Central Park of Compostela, located in the heart of Santiago between the old and the new area is the oldest and perhaps the most famous of the Galician capital.

This historic park extends over eighty-five thousand square meters and has beautiful gardens, statues of illustrious figures, fountains and winding trails that invite you to take walks or exercise.

In addition, it offers stunning panoramic views of the area and old with the main facade of the cathedral of Santiago of facing so it is a very popular place to take pictures while one simply relaxes walking under its old oaks and trees of exotic species.

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Another outstanding park is the San Domingos de Bonaval Park, which is located next to the famous Museo do Pobo Galego, a museum of ethnology dedicated to the popular culture of the region.

This picturesque park combines large green areas with an old cemetery and historical ruins, because it was the garden of the old convent that precedes it , creating an evocative and quiet atmosphere.

Visitors can stroll among the trees and flowers as they explore the ancient tombs and enjoy the views of the city from the top of the walls of this park from which magnificent sunsets are contemplated.


For those looking for a more modern experience, the Galeras Park offers a wide range of recreational and sports facilities. Its name alludes to the fact that in the land that today occupies the park stood centuries ago a prison now disappeared.

With tennis courts, soccer fields and children’s play areas, this park is a popular place for families to spend the day outdoors. In addition, it has large areas where Santiagueses usually do picnics, as well as hiking and cycling trails that wind the Sarela River.


The Parque de la Música is another highlight in Santiago de Compostela, very close to the Auditorium of Galicia and in the University’s northern campus. It is especially interesting for lovers of music and art.

This unique park combines natural spaces with artistic installations and sculptures inspired by music. With rest areas and regular cultural events, such as outdoor concerts and theatre shows, the Parque de la Música is a vibrant and lively venue that attracts people of all ages.

In addition to these main parks, Santiago de Compostela has a number of other smaller but equally charming green spaces such as Eugenio Granell Park, or the Conxo Banquet as examples of quiet places where visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and connect with nature.


It is also possible to travel from the city to other green areas and nearby places of great natural beauty without having to spend much or complicate. In fact thanks to agencies like Galicia Travels is very easy to access day trips to different points of Galicia, such as the Playa de las Catedrales or the Ribeira Sacra leaving and returning to Santiago on the same day to know a little more those lost corners of Galicia . Certainly an opportunity that is worth taking.