Santiago de Compostela becomes the first spiritual destination in the World

Santiago de Compostela becomes the first spiritual destination in the World

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Santiago de Compostela: spiritual destination

Finally we can affirm that Santiago de Compostela becomes the first spiritual destination in the World.

Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the Galicia region in northwestern Spain, is home to the majestic Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, a sacred site that attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

The city has earned its reputation as one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Catholic Christianity, and the number of visitors seeking the unique experience of the Camino de Santiago has seen steady growth over the past two decades.

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One of the great holy cities of Christianity

If Santiago de Compostela stands out for something It is because it is a spiritual destination and one of the holiest cities in Christianity. Since the hermit Pelayo discovered the tomb of the Apostle at the beginning of the Middle Ages, the city grew with the aim of being a place of welcome for people arriving from all over the Christian world. unnecessary to say, the city’s impressive Cathedral is a symbol of the power that the Compostela town achieved in recent centuries. As it is known as the Miter of Santiago had territories and properties throughout all of Spain.

The city is a reflection of this role in History, with dozens of churches of the most varied architectural styles, highlighting those that have been influenced by what is known as Compostela Baroque, which is truly impressive, and notable buildings such as palaces and large mansions. which gives the historic center of the town an atmosphere from another era, as if time had stopped centuries ago.

End of more than 35 paths

And the Galician capital is the spiritual destination and the final point of a total network made up of up to 35 officially recognized paths within the Jacobean tradition. Many are very unknown to ordinary people, even to pilgrims, since in addition to the The most famous French Way, and the other very important ones such as the Northern Way, the Portuguese Way, the Primitive Way or the English Way, there are many others such as the Mozarabic Way, the Levante Way or the Silver Route.

These paths connect with very different historical and cultural traditions, and their origins are also diverse. In fact the roads of Santiago They are expanding, with one even existing in American lands, specifically in Brazil. Inaugurated in 2017, it runs through the Florianópolis area in the state of Santa Catarina.

Every year more people decide to do the Camino de Santiago

Every year more people decide to do the Camino

And the Camino is a unique experience that more and more people decide to do. This past year, 2023, all records have been broken, reaching the incredible number of almost four hundred and fifty thousand people, who managed to finish it successfully, thus achieving the long-awaited Compostela, the official certificate by which the Church recognizes those who manage to finish the jacobean route

Specifically, this year’s figure is made up of pilgrims from all over Spain with almost 200 thousand, although it is common for there to be more and more pilgrims from all over the world, with foreigners as a whole being the majority with 66% of the total. In addition to the Spanish, where the Andalusians stand out, by nationality the pilgrims who enjoy the Camino the most are the Americans, followed by Germans, Italians, Portuguese, French and British.

In the United States, in fact, the Camino is increasingly popular. Furthermore, it is growing a lot among people from Southeast Asia, with Koreans and Japanese being increasingly numerous, although Filipinos, due to their special relationship with the Catholic Faith and with Spain, are also very prominent in the ranking.

Santiago, a place worth visiting in an incredible environment

And Santiago is a place that is undoubtedly worth visiting as well as the Galicia region . Located in the northwest of Spain, it stands out for its incredible wooded landscapes and infinite greenery.

And it is not only worth knowing the city of Santiago but also other Galician towns and cities, such as Finisterre, the natural extension of the Camino de Santiago to the coast and a place with a centuries-old esoteric tradition, the famous Rías Baixas, nestled in the southern part of Galicia or the beautiful Ribeira Sacra , one of the most remote and beautiful places in Spain.

Nowadays, visiting all these places is just a click away, agencies like Galicia Travels have extensive experience making organized trips to easily and comfortably visit any of these incredible places. An opportunity that is definitely worth taking advantage of.