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The city of Santiago de Compostela has secret corners to visit. The city of Santiago de Compostela has secret corners to visit

Monte Pedroso Viewpoint

The Monte Pedroso Viewpoint is a point that is not usually on tourist routes but there is no shortage of reasons to be. It is a point that offers one of the best views of the city, with points such as the Pico Sacro and A Cidade da Cultura in the background. It is also an ideal spot to have a picnic, or enjoy the best sunset..

Visit a 19th century pharmacy

In the old town of Santiago de Compostela you can visit a 19th century pharmacy, it is the Farmacia Bescansa, which has been open since 1843. Without a doubt, a key point because it maintains the structure of those old pharmacies.

The narrowest street in the city

Entrerrúas Street is popular for being the narrowest in the city, being particularly narrow at only 90 centimeters wide. This is the street that connects Rúa do Vilar with Rúa Nova.

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Alameda's park

Although Alameda Park is not a secret corner in itself, the truth is that it is a location worth visiting. It is a large natural space, which is considered one of the great green lungs of Santiago along with the South University Campus and the Santo Domingo de Bonaval and Belvís parks.

It is divided into three different areas: the Paseo da Alameda, the Oak Grove of Santa Susana and the Paseo de la Herradura. It is a location that has flowerbeds, fountains and ponds and in which statues such as the Valle-Inclán statue, the popular Dos Marías statue, etc. stand out. In addition, this park has one of the best viewpoints in the city on the Paseo de la Herradura.

Cathedral Museum

The Cathedral Museum is located in the Praza del Obradoiroy and was founded in 1930, where the relics of the Apostle Santiago are collected. It is a Museum that is linked to the Camino, so it also has elements linked to the Jacobean Route.

interior del museo de la catedral

The Museo do Pobo Galego

This Museum is in the area previously occupied by the old convent of San Domingos de Bonaval and seeks to promote Galician culture. It has a permanent exhibition that is dedicated to the sea, to the different typical trades of the area, and reviews traditional clothing, as well as architecture.

San Martiño Pinario Museum

This museum stands out for having a Benedictine monastery, being the second largest in Spain behind El Escorial.

Cidade da Cultura in Gaiás

The so-called Cidade da Cultura in Gaiás is located at the top of Mount Gaiás. It is a spectacular project that stands out for its architectural beauty, being a building designed by Peter Eisenman, shaped like a scallop and that has no less than 141,800 m2. It is a point that is made up of several buildings that serve as museums, a library, an entrepreneurship area, and that also has green areas.

Of course, in any of these locations and their surrounding areas, you can enjoy the best gastronomy in the area and local products.Text Without a doubt, by visiting these points you will have a unique getaway that will allow you to get to know more closely the less touristy corners of Santiago de Compostela but just as beautiful and amazing.