4 tips for buying in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela and its view

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Are you a shopaholic? Are you looking for a souvenir to take to your family, girlfriend, boyfriend or friends? Then Santiago de Compostela is the place for you!

Santiago de Compostela, in addition to the Camino de Santiago, has numerous markets and stores, perfect for your search for the best gifts and souvenirs!

Whether you fancy discovering the local markets or embarking on a crazy day of shopping, you’ll find plenty of shops, outlets, boutiques, malls and markets in Santiago.

Food Market of santiago de Compostela

Santiago’s famous Abastos market was founded over a century ago and is located in the historic centre of Santiago de Compostela.

It is a large traditional market where you can find all the essence of Galicia.

Seafood, meat, fish, cheese, honey, confectionery, vegetables, wine and liqueurs are the delights on offer.

It is a market that is much appreciated by both the citizens and our visitors, to the point that it is considered a fixed stop for those who want to visit this beautiful city.


Another crucial commercial area in this city is the one known as El Ensanche.

It is located very close to the historic centre of the city and this area is characterised by a large number of commercial establishments. Here you can find lots of shops.

Its main streets are: Xeneral Pardiñas, Doutor Teixeiro, República de El Salvador, Montero Ríos, Alfredo Brañas Boulevard and Roxa and Galicia squares.

Other streets full of shops are Rosalía de Castro, Fernando III el Santo, República Arxentina A Rosa and Santiago de Chile. These complement a unique and varied commercial offer.

Here you can find international brands, large Spanish franchises, Galician fashion, grocery shops, gift shops, jewellers, boutiques, shoe and leather shops.

Then, if you want to relax, you can find numerous bars, restaurants and a cinema.

Shopping in Santiago

Large Shopping Centres in santiago de compostela

A short distance from the city centre in Santiago de Compostela, you can find two large shopping centres.

These are the Compostela Shopping Centre and the Area Central Shopping Centre, a large space located in the area known as As Fontiñas, where you can find all kinds of shops in a unique architectural space where apartments and shops coexist.

There are also cinemas, bars, restaurants and amusement arcades for children. In addition to these two shopping centres, there is the As Cancelas Shopping Centre, located in the northern part of the city.

Here you will find a supermarket, fashion, accessories, shoes, beauty and jewellery shops and a floor dedicated to leisure and gastronomy, which includes restaurants of all kinds (including exotic cuisine) and a 3D cinema.

To get to the first two shopping centres, you can use line number 6 to Compostela Shopping Centre and line 11 to Area Central, stopping at the central Plaza de Galicia about every half hour. For the As Cancelas shopping centre, line C11 is also recommended.

Some advice for you!

It may be useful for you to know that the sales are divided into two main periods of the year: from 7 January to 28 February and from 1 July to 30 August.

Practically all shops offer the possibility of paying with credit cards. Red 6000, Servired, Maestro 4B and Visa are the cards normally accepted by all shops.

The only currency authorised for purchases is the euro. You can change the currency of the main countries in the city’s network of banks and exchange offices.

Finally, we would like to remind you that if you have any problems with your purchases, there is a consumer association where you can present the problems you consider appropriate. Forms can be filled in at the Tourist Office or at our office: Galicia Travels, which is responsible for sending them to the competent body.