6 excursions and activities from Santiago

6 excursions and activities from Santiago

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Activities from Santiago

Santiago de Compostela is known around the world as the final destination of the famous Camino de Santiago, but this charming city is also the ideal starting point for exploring the beautiful surrounding region.

From stunning natural landscapes to picturesque coastal villages, Galicia Travels presents some of the best excursions and activities from Santiago de Compostela to different parts of Galicia.

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Route along the Rías Baixas

One of the most popular excursions you can do from Santiago de Compostela is to explore the Rías Baixas, which stretch from Pontevedra to part of the west coast of the province of La Coruña. This route will take you through breathtaking landscapes of mountains, valleys and, of course, the emblematic estuaries.

You can stop in the charming town of Cambados, famous for its Albariño wine, visit the island of La Toja with its hot springs or explore the beautiful Atlantic Islands Natural Park with amazing beaches and rich marine life.

Ézaro and Finisterre waterfalls

Another excursion not to be missed that you can do from Santiago de Compostela is a visit to the famous Ézaro Waterfall and Cape Finisterre.

The Ézaro Waterfall, located on the river Xallas, is one of the few waterfalls in Europe that flows directly into the sea. From there, you can head towards Cape Finisterre, where you will find impressive cliffs and where you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

Galicia: town and sea

Atlantic Islands National Park

If you are a nature lover, a visit to the Atlantic Islands National Park is a must. This park protects a group of islands, including the Cíes.

From the Ría de Arousa to the Vigo estuary, these islands are linked by a chain of islands that stand out for their ecological riches that coexist with the cannons of old sunken ships. Undoubtedly, a natural spectacle in which the cliffs, scrubland, dunes and beaches stand out, as well as the different seabeds that make this place unique.

Route of the Pazos

The Route of the Pazos is an ideal option for architecture lovers. This route will allow you to visit some of the most outstanding manor houses, such as the Pazo de Oca, known as the “Galician Versailles”.

Also the Pazo de Rubianes, famous for its botanical gardens and its tradition of orujo production. On this route you can also enjoy the beauty of the Galician countryside and the vineyards that produce the region’s prestigious wines.

Coastal villages on the Costa da Morte

The Costa da Morte, located in La Coruña, is famous for being a wild and mysterious place. Along the coast, you’ll find breathtaking cliffs, unspoilt beaches and charming fishing villages.

Among them, Muxía stands out, known for its Marian sanctuary and its spectacular views.

Walking Tour of Santiago de Compostela

Of course, don’t forget to know where you are. Therefore, if you are in Santiago de Compostela, it is essential that you do not miss the opportunity to take a walking tour in Santiago de Compostela. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Without a doubt, an ideal spot from which to visit the squares surrounding the cathedral, pay a visit to its Mercado de Abastos and much more. A tour that can be done in about two hours and that will be more than enough time for you not to miss the most important sights of the city centre.