10 Typical Galician desserts

10 Postres típicos de Galicia

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Typical Galician desserts

If you are going to travel to Galicia you can not miss its gastronomy and pastries.

Precisely if we focus on the latter, it is worth highlighting these 10 typical Galician desserts that are sure to delight everyone.

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The filloas are typical of Galicia, as well as León and Asturias.

The main ingredients include flour, eggs, stock or milk, and sugar or honey can also be added.

They have a very similar texture to the crepes of Brittany.

It is a dessert that can be eaten on its own or with the cream-filled option.

Tarta de Santiago

Without a doubt, the Tarta de Santiago is the dessert par excellence of Santiago de Compostela and it is not surprising to find it in all the pastry shops on the Jacobean route.

The result is a delicious cake that is sprinkled with sugar on a cross of Santiago stencil.

You can find this pie with cinnamon, lemon zest and in some cases also with brandy.

This delicious dessert hascrushed almonds as its main ingredient, to which eggs and sugar are added in parts to obtain the dough, together with butter or lard. The characteristic feature of this dessert is that at the end of its preparation, fine sugar is sprinkled on top to form the cross of Santiago.


Melindres are the perfect dessert. These are small doughnuts made with egg, butter and wheat flour and topped with icing sugar.

They are typical throughout Galicia, although they can be found especially in areas such as Melide, Ponteareas, Silleda and Allariz.

Los melindres: ricos postres

Orejas de carnaval

Carnival ears are a typical carnival dessert as the name suggests and are composed of a thin and crispy dough made from flour, egg, milk, butter, cinnamon and anise.

The result is thin slices that are fried and then sprinkled with sugar.

Castañas con leche

Chestnuts are a product that is consumed in different ways throughout the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

And for dessert, it wasn’t going to be less.

Chestnuts with milk are typical of the popular festival of Magosto, a time in the calendar when chestnuts cooked in different ways are eaten.

Bizcocho de Samos

On the other hand, the so-called bizcocho de Samos is one of the most traditional sweets in Galicia.

So much so that its recipe has been making the rounds in the region for more than 250 years.

A classic that cannot be missed among the typical sweets to try in Galicia.

Roscones de Galicia


The name bica refers to a type of cake made in the traditional way with flour, egg, sugar and a light touch of cinnamon.

It can be enjoyed in all regions of Galicia, although it originated in the Ribeira Sacra area in the 19th century.

It is a product that is usually taken together with coffee.


Roscones are another of Galicia’s traditional and delicious sweets.

Different varieties can be found, although the best known is the roscón de yema or the so-called roscón de Villalba, in Lugo, which is made with ground almonds, sugar and egg.

Torta de Guitiriz

Torta de Guitiriz is a typical sweet from Guitiriz, a village in Lugo near the Cathedrals Beach.. This dessert has a curious legend behind it: it is said that the Virgin disguised as a beggar went around all the houses looking for shelter. She was refused in all except for the house of one woman who had nothing to offer her because she was very poor. The Virgin told her to make a cake with the ashes of the “lareira” and miraculously it turned into corn, giving rise to the Guitiriz cake.


The dessert known as Larpeira is a sweet bread filled with custard and topped with a touch of aniseed.

It is a typical dessert of Galicia.