10 typical dishes of Morocco

10 typical dishes of Morocco

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Typical dishes of Morocco

If you are thinking of going to Morocco, beyond enjoying the incredible places of this country, places like its desert and the excursions that we offer in Galicia Travels,It is important to know a little bit about gastronomy.

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Typical dishes of Morocco

Below, we bring you the typical dishes of this country so you can know what they are made of and order them on your next trip.


Definitely, couscous is one of the most iconic dishes of Moroccan cuisine. It is a dish made with dried semolina that is boiled and is accompanied by chicken or lamb, at the same time you can also count on stewed vegetables. The garnishes that come with couscous are different depending on the area, even at some points it is accompanied with buttermilk.


Undoubtedly, another of the typical dishes of Morocco is hummus. It is made from crushed chickpeas to which lemon, olive oil and Tahina are added. The result is a kind of pate that comes with pita bread.

The famous Tajín


The third of the dishes we approach is the tajín. In fact, this name refers to any type of food that is prepared in a clay container and has a cone-shaped lid in oder to keep the heat after cooking. Vegetable tagines and wheat semolina, lamb tagine, chicken tagine, etc are usually made.


The lovers of fused flavors can find in the pastela their dish of reference. It is a delicious dish made with puff pastry filled with products such as partridge, pigeon or pigeon and accompanied by nuts and spices. In addition, it has a final touch of cinnamon, which makes the final flavor between sweet and salty.


The harira is a kind of Moroccan soup that is usually taken to end the fast of Ramadan. It is made from lentils, tomatoes, peas and you can add some meat.

Chicken with almonds

Certainly, the chicken with almonds is another of the typical dishes of Morocco. Made with the classic Moroccan recipe has a fusion of spices and ingredients such as parsley, onion, cumin, garlic, ginger, turmeric and paprika, among others. It is also usually accompanied by olives and fruits, vegetables, dates, prunes, bread or couscous.


If you want to taste the best olives do not fail to enjoy all the varieties you will find in Morocco. In addition, it is one of the basic ingredients in Arabic cuisine and here you will find different types of olives by size and flavor. In addition, you can find presentations with disparate and different seasonings.

Khubz Bread

The so-called Khubz bread is a type of bread that is mostly used to finish the sauces and bathe the stews and broths. It has a flat shape and to make it more delicious you take just baking.


The dish known as Maakouda is a typical dish that can be found in the mobile shops in the souks of Morocco, such as that of Marrakech. These are mainly potato chips that are eaten as an appetizer and are usually accompanied by sauces.

Its sweet

Of course, to finish this list can not miss the traditional sweets of Morocco. If something stands out the Moroccan pastries is to offer delicious and varied options, among which cookies, tartlets and cakes stand out. Nuts are usually the main ingredient.

Now that you know a little better the Moroccan cuisine how it is and what are its most outstanding typical dishes, you can not miss the opportunity to try them on your next trip to the country. You will have options for all tastes.