The best beaches in Galicia (I)

The best beaches in Galicia (I)

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Introduction to the best beaches in Galicia

If you are planning a trip to Galicia and want to know the best beaches you can find in this region, pay attention.

We bring them to you and tell you why they stand out especially.

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Las Catedrales beach

The Cathedrals Beach is located in Ribadeo, in Lugo, and is a beach that has beautiful sand, which results in one of the most outstanding beaches in the country.

Located in the Mariña de Lugo it has beautiful arches, domes and stone spires that have been modelling the sea, hence it is known as “the cathedral of the sea”.

During the summer months and at Easter you can visit but with prior authorization.

Rhodes Beach in the Cíes Islands

Rodas Beach is located in the Cíes Islands .

For locals it is known as the Caribbean as it is a beach of fine white sand and crystal clear waters.

It has a length of 1,300 meters that serves as a union for the islands of Monteagudo and Faro.

In addition, it is a perfect spot for diving lovers.

Playa Xilloi, Lugo

This beach is located on the coast of Lugo, and stands out for its beauty thanks to the dunes, reeds, cliffs, and its fine white sand.

Walking along this beach is to do it for a kilometer of sand that is located next to O Vicedo and from which you can see the port of Bars.

In addition, it is perfect for visiting with the family as it has a recreational area and various services.

Menduiña Beach

This beach is on the banks of the Ria de Vigo.

It is a beach characterized by its clear blue waters and white sand.

It is a family option, located in the Aldán estuary, in the Morrazo Peninsula.

Although it is true that it is a small beach has all kinds of services.

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Playa de Covas beach, Lugo

Covas beach is one and a half kilometers long, as well as fine sand that gives rise to a popular urban beach, especially in summer.

In the western part of it you can see the mythical rocks of Os Castelos.

de O Vao beach

This beach stands out for its spaciousness, having no less than 45 meters wide.

It is located in Vigo, in the bay of Toralla, and has clear green waters as well as fine white sand.

In the area on your left are the dunes that serve as a limitation with the ancient Roman villa of Mirambel and with a bridge that serves as access to the private island of Toralla .

In addition, those who like to do nudism, will have from there access to the Bastion cove.

Melide Beach

Within the Ons archipelago, there are up to five beaches that are practically virgin.

Specifically, the beach of Melide, located in the north of the “isla de Ons, is one of the largest and stands out for being a nudist.

It offers unbeatable views of the Pontevedra estuary.

Mar de Fora beach, Finisterre

For nature lovers in all its splendor, you can not miss the Beach of Mar de Fora in Finisterre, it is a rustic beach of great beauty but it is not the most suitable for bathing by the tides.

It has 500 meters of fine white sand and is an ideal option for walking, thanks to its beautiful landscape, and for lovers of hiking.