The best towns in Galicia

The best towns in Galicia

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What to visit in Galicia

If you are going to spend a few days in Galicia, do not miss this selection of the best towns in Galicia that you can visit in these lands.

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Allariz, Orense

The town of Allariz in Orense is one of the most outstanding to visit if you are going to spend a few days in Galicia. It stands out for its great natural and cultural heritage. Wandering through the narrow cobbled streets of its medieval old town and Cultural Artistic Heritage is a great plan. It is also close to the river Arnoia and its riverside promenade, which is perfect for those who love the environment.

It is precisely because of its beauty, it was the residence of King Alfonso X the Wise. Today it still preserves elements such as the 12th century Vilanova bridge.

Combarro : among the best towns in Galicia

Combarro in Pontevedra, is a site that brings together the most outstanding architectural elements of the area. In this town you will find hórreos (granaries), stone crosses and beautiful stone houses.

Specifically, it has a Historic-Artistic Ensemble made up of more than 60 hórreos by the sea.



Cambados is a symbol of Pontevedra. Undoubtedly, this place can be considered the birthplace of Albariño wine and stands out for its noble and historic character. It is a village that has a very marked seafaring character and in which areas such as Fefiñáns square and the San Sadurniño tower.

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A Guarda

A Guarda, in Pontevedra, stands out as a place with colourful facades facing the sea. It is a site full of low, seaside houses. In this place, the main attraction is Castro de Santa Trega, with its 20 hectares that today are considered a true open-air museum.


Ribadavia is located in Ourense and is the capital of the region of O Ribeiro. This area stands out for its highlights such as the Sarmiento Castle, the Santo Domingo Monumental Complex, the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora del Portal and the Jewish quarter, among other places. The thermal baths of O Prexigueiro and the Melón pools are also worth a visit.


Ribadeo, in Lugo, is a place not to be missed. Here we highlight points such as the Catedrales beach, the Pazo de Ibáñez and the Torre de los Moreno or the neighbourhood of India, among other places.

Muros Town

Muros Town is a location that forms a perfect fusion of coast and mountains, with Monte Louro in the background. It stands out for having a historic quarter of great beauty, so much so that it has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site and an Asset of Cultural Interest.


Mondoñedo, in Lugo, is a town located in the inland part of Lugo and has several architectural gems, including the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, which has been declared a National Monument and World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Also worthy of mention are the Sanctuary of Los Remedios, the Seminary, the Hospital of San Pablo and the Monastery of Os Picos, among other places.

O Cebreiro

O Cebreiro It is particularly notable for its pallozas. That is to say, for having a series of traditional pre-Roman dwellings made of stone and thatched roofs. Definitely, it is a place of great charm in which its pre-Romanesque church stands out, the oldest preserved on the entire Pilgrims’ Route to Santiago de Compostela, as well as conserving the tombs of the Miracle of the Holy Grail.


Tui is in Pontevedra and is also worth a visit if you decide to travel to Galicia. It stands out for its Historic-Artistic Site and its medieval town. In addition, through its streets you can take a walk along the banks of the Miño river to the Cathedral.