The delicious Galician food

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We have already talked a lot about the things to see in Galicia, now it is time to explore another very important topic for each Spanish: food. You have to eat something during all these routes by the Costa da Morte, the Rías Baixas and the Altas and the cities, right? And we will not lie, Galicia is a true paradise for every foodie. The quality of Galician food prepared with talent and fresh products will delight you.

Galician cuisine is famous for its exquisite seafood and generous portions. We have prepared a list of dishes that, according to us, are the best. Very important, despite the rather meat-like character of traditional Spanish dishes, there will be no shortage of vegetarian options. Therefore, whatever your preferences, during your Holidays in Galicia you will not starve!

Galician octopus

We start with the famous Galician octopus or, as the locals call it: pulpo a feira. This Galician name explains the tradition of this dish: it was prepared in the days of the fair, it was not a daily Galician meal. Galician octopus are pieces of cooked octopus, served with coarse salt, paprika and olive oil. Typically served on a wooden plate, accompanied with cachelos (boiled potatoes).

Caldo gallego

The caldo gallego is prepared with vegetables, beans, pork fat and potatoes. Sometimes bacon, chorizo or other meat is added. if you’re in holiday in Galicia in winter you have to try it. Nothing fights the cold better than a good broth!


Empanadas are eaten throughout Spain, but rumor has it that those of the provinces of Galicia are the best. Is that true? Well, you’ll have to check yourself! What we can tell you is that, compared to other regions of Spain, Galician empanadas are larger and offer a lot of fillings (vegetables, meat or fish).

Lacón con grelos

Another typical dish of Galicia is the lacón con grelos. Do you know what grelos are? Grelos are the shoots of turnips, probably the most popular vegetable in all Galicia. Chorizo and boiled potatoes are also often added.


The mariscada is a difficult product to find so fresh outside of Galicia. It is a set of several seafood of Galician origin. Which seafood to put really depends only on the cook, although there are several mandatory as barnacles. You can bring crabs, crayfish, prawns and many more. It is prepared in oven or on the grill. The best mariscadas can be tried in the areas of Finisterre, Muros and in the Galician Rias

The Mariscada, the queen of Galician food


The churrasco is grilled meat. In Galicia you will eat exquisite beef from the cows of this community, but also pork ribs or chorizo.

Merluza a la gallega

The provinces of Galicia do not only have delicious seafood. There is also plenty of fish and from it great dishes are prepared. The Galician hake is served accompanied by potatoes, onion and a garlic sauce fried in oil and paprika.

Tapas y pinchos

You can’t talk about Spanish food without mentioning tapas. Galician food make no exception. In Galicia there are many variety of tapas and skewers that are usually served in abundance, do not expect a small starter! The most popular tapas in Galicia are: roxons or chicharrones sandwich; potato tortilla and Padrón peppers (I have a recipe to cook the Padrón peppers).


After a good meal can not miss a dessert and a drink, do you agree? Of course! Here are some delicious sweets and local drinks.

Tarta de Santiago

Santiago’s cake is made of egg, almond and sugar. Its most characteristic element is the drawing of the cross of Santiago, without faults put on each cake. Santiago’s cake can be tasted free on Santiago de Compostela because souvenir shops around the old town give pieces of cake to promote their business.


Filloas look a lot like French crepes. You can eat sweets or salted. The most typical fillings are quince and chestnut cream.


The famous Galician queimada is a drink of brandy, sugar, orange or lemon peels and coffee beans. But the queimada does not stand out for the ingredients. It is the way of preparing it that fascinates all tourists in Galicia. The preparation of the queimada is a ritual that requires setting the fire and pronouncing a spell to drive away the evil spirits.

Albariño wine

The Albariño wine has become almost a symbol of Galicia. It is a white, fresh and round wine that serves perfectly to accompany fish and shellfish.

It is highly recommended to try it in the south of Galicia or better if in a wine cellar in Sanxenxo, Cambados, O Grove, etc.


Apart from the prepared dishes, Galicia also has many products of very good quality. We leave you some essential to try during your holidays in Galicia.


Eating chestnuts in Galicia is very typical. You can try them in the form of jam, puree or simply cooked. The best time to eat chestnuts is in autumn.


The cheeses of origin of Galicia are: Tetilla, Arzúa-Ulloa, San Simón da Costa and Cebreiro. Try them in one of the provinces of Galicia or take some home, they are delicious!

Is that meke your mouth water? Well, don’t hesitate any more, come to Galicia and enjoy its delicious Galician food!