The desert of Morocco and more to know

The desert of Morocco and surroundings

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The desert of Morocco: the essentials

Do you want to go to Morocco and enjoy a tour in the desert of Morocco? These are all the points you should know about this type of excursions that we offer in Galicia Travels.

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With the excursion through Morocco that will allow you to know the Moroccan desert in five days and that we offer in Galicia Travels you will have the opportunity to know Marrakech first-hand, going to Ouarzazate to then cross the mountains of the High Atlas.

This is a tour that will serve to pass through Ouarzazate, the also known as Hollywood of Africa, in addition to areas such as the Skoura Palm Grove, the city of roses, Kelaat Mgouna, Dades Valley and the gorges.

Merzouga Dunes

During this tour you will have the opportunity to know unique locations such as Merzouga, also known as Erg Chebbi, the Gargantas del Todra, Erfoud and also the Sea of sand. All this, accompanied by a good walk through the dunes and a camel ride in Bivouac.

After this, on the fourth day the tour will head towards Rissani. At this point, and from the large dune there is, it will be the real spectacle if you choose to watch the sunrise. At the end of the experience you will make an excursion with camels and will visit sites such as Nkob, the town of Agdez, the Draa Valley, Ouarzazate and Marrakech.

Other sites of interest

Other sites of interest

Of course, after visiting the desert of Morocco, there will also be a number of points that will be worth knowing.

Cascadas de Ouzoud

The Ouzoud waterfalls are a point of incredible beauty that can be enjoyed right near Marrakech. They are the largest found in North Africa. Undoubtedly, a place worth visiting for its imposing beauty, People who decide to go there can see up to 110 meters of water that makes up the natural pool.

Essaouira, a charming village

On the other hand, knowing the charming villages of Morocco is another interesting option. At this point highlights Essaouira, a municipality that is located about 200 kilometers from Marrakech and is one of the most beautiful villages in Africa. It has a great tradition of fishermen who, precisely, what allows is to enjoy endless dishes with great flavor. Such is the beauty of this town that the series Game of Thrones, had in Essaouira much of the main stage in its third season.

Jebel Toubkal

Lovers of heights cannot miss Jebel Toubkal, which is the highest peak in the country. It is a mountain range measuring no less than 4,167 meters. It is a relatively accessible mountain to climb for all people who like these activities and have two days to do so.

Las gargantas del Todra

Without a doubt, if you are looking to get to know the best of the wild nature, you cannot miss a place such as the so-called Todra gorges that have a height of 100 meters that serve to flank the canyon area of the Todra River. When going through this area is also known the so-called valley of the Todra, a point full of palm trees and villages made with buildings in stone.


Without a doubt, if you are also looking to get to know the culture of the area, Fez is the city you should know. Its points of interest include a medina of labyrinthine forms with no less than 10,000 alleys and a lot of history. In this area is located the oldest university in the world: al-Qarawiyyin.

Also worth mentioning is the famous Boujloud door, which welcomes the medina and has an impressive aesthetic thanks to its thousands of tiles. Undoubtedly, for many it is the religious and cultural capital of Morocco and this is something that has been earned in its own right.