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When we think of Galicia, a concrete image appears before our eyes. The set of associations we have with this beautiful region. We think of cliffs of the coast of death, immense beaches, lighthouses and delicious seafood. However, Galicia has many faces and much to offer and discover. Today we will introduce you to a secret world that will change your perception of holidays in Galicia. Clever? Then we will show you the incredible spas of Galicia. Relax and feel Galicia without haste.


We start with the basics: what is a spa? The spa is a place that has hot springs or other types of mineral-medicinal waters where hydrotherapy is practiced. It is usually a place that, apart from the mineral-medicinal waters, has a sauna, relaxation treatment service and accommodation for its guests. The provinces of Galicia where most of the spas are located are Pontevedra and Ourense.

When choosing the perfect facilities for your holidays in Galicia, keep this little detail in mind: while all mineral-medicinal waters have some healing qualities, only thermal waters are naturally hot waters. So if you’re looking for a hot bath, you know what to look out for!


Now, you are organizing a romantic getaway or a weekend with friends, you want to find a place with relaxation treatments, massages and Jacuzzi and you don’t know the difference between a spa and a spa? Let’s clarify your doubts!

The spa, as we have already said, always has mineral-medicinal waters and, therefore, its main objective is medical treatment with the use of this resource. You have to collaborate with a doctor who will advise visitors and help choose the most suitable facilities for them. Currently, to meet the needs of customers, many spas have a wide range of massages or beauty treatments, but not all.

Meanwhile, spas focus on providing beauty and relaxation treatments and do not often collaborate with doctors to offer health treatments. This is a difference. But the most important is the origin of the water. The spas are located in the places where the thermal waters sprout from springs, while the spas use normal tap water that is artificially heated if necessary.


Do you wonder why Galicia? Well, because the Galician estuaries are an ideal place for the natural springs of mineral-medicinal waters to be produced. They are also surrounded by nature, in the beautiful forests that you have to see in Galicia. Then don’t hesitate anymore! If you want to disconnect enjoying the massages and the values of thermal waters, pack your bags and get ready for your best vacations in Galicia.

We present a list of the best spas of Galicia with the division between the establishments that combine elements of the spa and spa and the outdoor thermal waters with free access.



Here you will find the best spas of Galicia with accommodation to visit. These facilities can be used throughout the year. There are options in numerous provinces of Galicia, you can choose places like Rías Baixas or Death Coast for your getaway:

• Mondariz Spa – considered the best Spa in Spain that has accommodation and various relaxation and beauty treatments.

• Eurostar Gran Hotel la Toja – is a very luxurious establishment with modern facilities and high quality treatments. In addition, it stands out for its location, since it is located on the magnificent Isla de la Toxa.

• Hotel Talaso Atlántico – located in one of the most beautiful provinces of Galicia: Pontevedra. It offers comfortable accommodation, various relaxation and beauty treatments and a restaurant with delicious dishes.

• Lobios Caldaria Hotel Balneario – a wonderful establishment, surrounded by nature that is located in the province of Ourense. It has swimming pools, saunas and hot springs.

Outariz hot springs – a spa inspired by Japanese culture, located on the banks of the Miño River. It has indoor and outdoor hot springs.


Outside hot springs can also be used throughout the year. However, keep in mind that they do not have changing rooms or dryers, so there is a possibility of catching a cold 😉

• Termas de Bande – hot springs with free access, located in Valle Limia. History buffs will find remains of Roman constructions there.

• Termas de Barbantes – another charming place in the Galician estuaries, specifically located next to the River Miño. Apart from the pools with hot water, they have gardens and a picnic area.

• A Chavasqueira Hot Springs and Hot Springs of Outariz – located near Ourense, offer you free access to the thermal water wells overlooking the river. If you have little time for the holidays in Galicia, at least stop by this place to understand the atmosphere of the Galician hot springs.

¡We hope that we have convinced you that the spas of Galicia and the hot springs are places that you have to see in Galicia! ¡ Enjoy your relaxing trip!