Routes and things to see with children in FINISTERRE

Routes and things to see with children in FINISTERRE

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If you are going to travel as a family to Finisterre you cannot miss these routes and things to do with the little ones in Finisterre.

Discover our list of activities and routes to see with children in Finisterre.

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Rúa Calcoba Route

Thus, this route to do with children in Finisterre would start at Rúa Calcoba or San Roque, if you prefer to travel from one end of the beach to the other. It will be a pleasant experience, you can take a walk through a flat area, parallel to the beach and with slabs. All in a total distance of 4 km.

Precisely along those 4 kilometers you can enjoy very pleasant experiences and 100% suitable for the kids of the house: you will see rest areas, picnic areas, a park and different access to the beach.

Langosteira beach

The Langosteira beach is another perfect point to enjoy with children. It is an area that has two kilometres of coastline and is characterized, above all, by its calm and crystal clear waters. Therefore, it is a perfect sandy beach to enjoy with your family. A plan you can’t miss among the things to do with children inFinisterre.

The castle of San Carlos

San Carlos' castle

the castle of San Carlos is a fortification that is located in a rocky area on the coast. Undoubtedly, a site worth seeing, a construction of the eighteenth century that at the time served as a defense against the constant attacks of the French and English.

Muxía Town

Around Finisterre you can not miss a town of unique beauty such as Muxía. Without a doubt, a perfect plan not only to do in family but also to be in contact with nature. In addition, here you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the excellent cuisine of this fishing village.

Without leaving Muxía, do not miss visiting points such as the Virxe da Barca o Virgen de la Barca Sanctuary or if you are going by car to climb to Mount Facho to enjoy the best views of Muxía.

Other plans you cannot miss

Of course, beyond some particularities or plans that you will have to adapt when going with children, you can not miss the Lighthouse of Finisterre. Undoubtedly, the most emblematic place in the area.

Remember that you can also take the opportunity to get to know the culture of the area, and to eat the best fresh fish in Spain.

Recommendations when traveling with children

In any case, beyond the reference points of what to see in Fisterra if you travel with children, there are a number of tips that you should not forget.

plan everything

It is essential that if you go with children plan the exit as much as possible. In this way, it tries to achieve a balance between making the most of the day and not overwork the little ones. Make routes no more than 3-4 kilometers and rest so they can adapt perfectly.

Introduce plans for them

As far as possible, it introduces specific plans for them. Go to an emblematic park that allows them to play, do activities designed for children, etc. Always try to allocate, throughout the day, at least an hour for them. You’ll get them to have a great time and there won’t be a complaint.

Watch the activities for children

You can find organized activities for children that can be a great option for them to have a great time. If you prefer something that gives you more freedom, go to the beach and play and bathe in the sea will always be a plan that will please everyone.