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Are you thinking of going to Santiago de Compostela and you don’t know what you should see in the city? Do not miss this list in which we detail its most relevant areas.

Next, start this ranking or our list of  things to see in Santiago de Compostela.

1. Cathedral of Santiago

The first obligatory stop is the Catedral of Santiago. It is a temple built between 1075 and 1211, which has different architectural styles; from the Baroque, to the Romanesque and the Gothic. Its imposing exterior can be seen from the Plaza del Obradoiro.

Once you pass through the Pórtico de la Gloria you will be able to see its beautiful interior chapels and, with any luck, the botafumeiro in operation.

This Cathedral offers access to the upper floors, and all of you who dare to go up will be able to see incredible panoramic views of Santiago de Compostela.

2. Stroll through the old city

Precisely in the vicinity of the cathedral, you can find the so-called old city, with several streets full of charm and beauty. Here you will arrive, among other places, at the Plaza de Cervantes, while you can enjoy restaurants and cafes where you can eat well or have a drink. In areas such as Rúa do Vilar and Rúa Nova you can get closer to the essence of the city.


3. Alameda Park

Nature lovers have a must stop at Parque de la Alameda. It is an area with imposing oaks, eucalyptus and horse chestnut trees, where it is possible to find shade in summer. In any case, if you are looking to see an impressive natural area, the Alameda Park is a wonderful place, capable of transmitting peace without leaving the so-called Old City.

In this park there are several emblematic statues, but the one of the two Marías stands out. It is a sculpture that represents two women who always walked together at two in the afternoon and with flashy clothes that have already become a symbol.

4. Food Market

Of course, the Mercado de Abastos will be a must for lovers of good food. Not only is it a building of great beauty that dates back to the 19th century, located on Rúa das Ameas, but enjoying the best seafood, fish, meat, cheese, vegetables in Santiago and much more is a delight.

In addition, if you are looking to taste precisely these products in the premises themselves, many sites offer the possibility of preparing the purchased products. A good way to approach the most local gastronomy of the area, and all based on fresh products.

5. Mount of Joy

The famous Monte del Gozo is a mountain that could be called small, with 380 meters of elevation, and that stands out for having two large statues that seek to represent two pilgrims, pointing towards the Plaza del Obradoiro where the Cathedral of Santiago is located.

6. San Francisco Convent

Franciscan monks lived in this imposing convent in the 18th century. But now it is a beautiful hotel that has a restaurant where you can enjoy the best of the area’s gastronomy, among which the food and the menu they offer based on dishes from other times that will take you to other times stand out moments in the history of the convent.

7. Bonus: excursions from Santiago de Compostela

Beyond what to do or what to see in Santiago de Compostela, you can also take excursions to the Cíes Islands, with a distance of just 80 kilometers, or Finisterre among other magical locations.