Typical dishes from Ourense

Typical dishes from Ourense

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Typical dishes from Ourense

Are you going to visit Ourense and you don’t know what you can taste of its gastronomy?

We bring you the most outstanding typical dishes of Ourense and the province so you can’t miss them.

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The most outstanding typical dishes of Ourense that you must try

Undoubtedly, if the whole of Galicia stands out for anything, it is for its exceptional gastronomy and, in particular, in the province of Ourense there is a long tradition of seafood and farmhouse cooking.

Thus, dishes of great flavour and quality stand out, such as chestnut broth, delicious Galician pies, sausages, tripe and smoked salmon. Here are the details.

Chestnut broth

Chestnut broth is a dish that is eaten especially in the winter season. This dish, also known as calduda, is a typical Galician broth in which the main ingredient is chestnuts, either dried or fresh. It is a typical dish with a long tradition behind it, as it was the usual culinary preparation in the inland areas of the region of Galicia.

Lovers of good gastronomy should not miss the opportunity to taste this broth whose main ingredients are chestnuts, but which also contains pork spine, chorizo, onion, etc. The result is a different dish, full of flavour and very nutritious.

Galician pie with typical Ourense filling

Galician pie with typical Ourense filling

The original Galician empanada from the countryside of Ourense is filled with ingredients such as pork breast, red sausages, red and green peppers, salt and paprika. This dish of medieval origin was during those centuries one of the main dishes due to its ease to be preserved and since it had the possibility of adding endless aimento inside its mass

It is a dish that, when baked, offers a final result of exquisite flavour that everyone likes. That’s why it has its own section when talking about the typical gastronomy that you can taste at Ourense.


If anything can be eaten in Galicia is fish. Salmon is no exception and if you go to Ourense you cannot miss this fish in any of its forms or preparations.

In this way, you will have the chance to taste a delicious dish full of flavour. You can find it with multiple ingredients or, simply, a baked salmon full of flavour in which the fish itself is the protagonist.

Tripe with chickpeas

Another dish that you can’t miss if you are lovers of a good spoon are the tripe with chickpeas. Here the basic ingredients are chickpeas, veal tripe, chorizo, chilli and garlic. The result is a hearty dish, full of flavour, ideal to enjoy when travelling to Ourense during the coldest months of the year.


And for dessert, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the orellas. It is a typical local sweet made from eggs, flour, butter, sugar, water, cinnamon and aniseed. The result is well-integrated ingredients that form a paste and are fried, resulting in a great-tasting dish.


Without abandoning the sweets, the most important ones are the “melindres“, which are pastries made with flour, eggs, butter and sugar that originated at the beginning of the 19th century and are full of flavour.