Visit Cathedrals Beach and other places of interest

Visit Cathedrals Beach and other places of interest

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Visit Cathedral beach : the essentials

As many people know span,  Cathedral beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain and the world. This is corroborated by numerous lists of prestigious international publications, including newspapers such as the British Guardian.

This beach located in full  Marina lucense is undoubtedly one of the great tourist references of Galicia. Formed by the passage of time and the elements , which were sculpting the so-called Cantabrian rasa,  the great mass of mineral that runs from San Vicente de la Barquera to the province of Lugo , to form the arches that today are well known and that are responsible for the current name of the beach.

It is for this reason visited by countless people daily. It is probably one of the most visited places in the entire Cantabrian coast. But despite the beauty of this beach what many people do not know is its environment.

And in this there are countless places that are worth visiting too.

Below we will list the most beautiful sites in the surroundings of  Cathedrals beach.

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San Pedro de Rinlo

San Pedro de Rinlo is the smallest parish of the Town Hall of Ribadeo, the town founded by Fernando III el Santo Middle Ages and it would be one of the main ports of the Kingdom of Galicia and the Crown of Castile. San Pedro is known as the town of the barnacles. And is that this activity , the collection and marketing of barnacles has its origin in this town at least since the fifteenth century. The barnacles collected in Rinlo enjoyed a special fame in cities such as Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona.

This town is also known for its cetareas.

These were invented by a local neighbor back in 1904. Cetareas are artificial shellfish farms, especially designed to make barnacle collection safer as it is usually a high-risk activity. Undoubtedly the town also stands out for housing numerous popular architecture , among the same some Indian house. A place that is definitely worth visiting.

isla Pancha

Just a few minutes from San Pedro de Rinlo is known as Pancha Island. It is a privately owned island where public access is allowed. This unique island overlooking the Cantabrian has two lighthouses. The first and oldest has its origin in the nineteenth century and the most modern in the eighties of the twentieth century.

If there is anything beautiful this place is because of the numerous plants that grow along its surface and that in spring fill it with colors. In the background on the left from Pancha Island you can see the first municipality of the Principality of Asturias Tapia de Casariego .

Discover Pancha island

Tapia de Casariego

This fishing village is one of the border municipalities between Asturias and Galicia. Its settlement dates from ancient times although as an independent municipality its origin is in the nineteenth century when thanks to the intermediation of the Marquis of Casariego it was separated from the municipality of Castropol. Originally designed as an ideal village following the liberal rationalist architecture is today a typical Asturian coastal town.

Like all good Asturian people their houses seem to embrace the sea , and it is that the main economic activity was the capture of the whale for centuries. And it is that Tapia moved Gipuzkoan sailors to teach the local fishing arts back in the 19th century.

Of special importance is some of its older buildings such as the house of Reguero dating from the sixteenth century when the village was still a village Undoubtedly one of the great attractions of Tapia is its cuisine known throughout Spain. What more can you ask than taste a good cachopo, Asturian dish par excellence , looking at the sea.

Definitely a place to get lost just like the previous places and just a stone’s throw from the beach of “As Catedrais”.