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Marrakech, founded in the 11th century, is one of the imperial cities of Morocco and is normally the first stage of the trip to Morocco for most tourists. But do not think that it is simply a place to get off the plane and go to other areas of the country. There is nothing further from reality. Marrakech is a picturesque and vibrant city. Numerous World Heritage monuments, the country’s largest souk and one of the busiest squares in Africa are located there.

Additionally, the city’s stormy history over the years shaped its unique atmosphere. Marrakech belonged to the Almoravids, Almohads, then the Benimerines and Saudis; It was the capital of the Islamic Empire… Today Marrakech is a multinational place, with nuances of various cultures and nationalities. In fact, it doesn’t occur to you travel to Morocco without dedicating at least one day to explore the alleys of Marrakech! Below we leave you some proposals for your visit. If you do not love planning the route on your own, you can purchase one of the organized trips to Marrakech, clicking this link.


If you only have a weekend in Marrakech, here is a list of what to visit:

Djemaa el Fna square

It is one of the busiest squares in all of Africa. It is located in the center of Medina and every day it gathers thousands of people: tourists, dancers, snake charmers… It is a perfect place to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Marrakesh. It also has a market where you can buy some handcrafted souvenirs (although there are also many cheap and tacky products from China, as in any tourist site). At night, the Jemaa el Fna square turns into a large open-air restaurant with an impressive variety of local dishes. All these attributes resulted in the square being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as a cultural space.

Spice Square

It is the most colorful square in all of Marrakech. A countless number of types of spices are sold there. The products in the souks form a wonderful image, full of colors and strong aromas.

Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh

The most important mosque in Marrakech. You can’t go inside, but its impressive walls and 70-meter minaret are worth seeing from the outside.

Bab Agnaou Gate

One of the ten gates of the wall that surrounds the medina and separates the old from the modern part of Marrakech. The wall is 10 meters high and 15 km long, it is made of clay.

Ben Youssef Madrasa

The former Muslim school from the 14th century impresses with its architecture, decorative interiors and size.

Bahia Palace

The most impressive palace in Marrakech. It is a must see for every person who travels to Morocco.

The souk

We could say that it is like a huge market. There you can buy almost everything or just walk around contemplating the products.


The old Jewish quarter, a little known place among tourists. You have to walk through its alleys to get into the daily life of Morocco.

Saadian Tombs

Building in the center of Marrakech where members of the Saadian dynasty were buried. It is made up of three rooms: the Twelve Columns Room, the Three Niches Room and the Mihrab Room. All amaze visitors with their highly decorative design of marble and wood.

Majorelle Garden

The most beautiful garden of Marrakesh city. Dozens of plant species are found in it. Perfect place to rest from the buzz of the city and the sun that burns all day.

Menara Garden

The largest garden in the city, perfect place for a picnic, it is not very touristy. If you have a weekend and maybe even less time, maybe it’s the only stop you could skip.



For a whole weekend in Marrakech, here is a list of mandatory things to do:

Watch the sunset from the terrace of one of the cafeterias that surround the Jemaa el Fna square. So you can see how the sun hides behind the houses and minarets of Marrakech. In addition, you will observe the coming and going of the people in the square

Haggle in the souks of Marrakech. The city has many, but the greatest variety of products is in the aforementioned, Jemaa el Fna square. Buying anything in Morocco is quite an experience: there are no fixed prices, if you ask how much something costs, the seller will indicate an exaggerated price. And it is not to swindle you, but so that you follow the game and propose a lower price, until you get a more timely offer for you. Don’t be afraid, Moroccans love to haggle!

Sleep in one of the riads. Riads are ancient Arab palaces with an interior courtyard, usually with a fountain in the middle and a roof terrace, located in the medina of Marrakech. They are beautiful and charming examples of Moroccan architecture. Nowadays many of these buildings have been converted into hotels, where at a reasonable price you can feel like a wealthy inhabitant of Marrakech from the past and enjoy the impressive views of the city (almost always a delicious breakfast too!).


The places to eat in Morocco are innumerable. We recommend some places where you can try traditional food, essential dishes to savor during trips to Morocco. If you only have a weekend in Marrakech, we make it easy for you, read the list of restaurants that you cannot miss:

The Babouche Cafe – to try the exquisite Moroccan pastry. A cheap place, tiny local, but with very tasty food

The Table of the Kasbah – serves another typical Moroccan dish: kefta. Very good quality food and also has a lovely terrace with wonderful views.

Bazaar Coffee – they have dishes like tagine or couscous for less than €10. In addition, you will eat enjoying the incredible views from its terrace

Taj Moroccan Food – Much more expensive than the previous ones but it is worth it. Moroccan food extraordinarily well prepared and served.


If you have a little time left you can visit one of the impressive places in Morocco located near the city.

Essaouira – a port city built by the Portuguese in the 15th century. 200 km from Marrakesh.

Ouzoud waterfalls – las cascadas más hermosas y más altas de Marruecos y de todo el norte de África. 150 kilometers from Marrakesh.

I hope we have helped you plan the trip to Morocco. We have recommended many places in Marrakech, but don’t worry. Almost all of them are in the medina, very close to each other.