What to do in Carnival in Galicia

What to do in Carnival in Galicia

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Carnival in Galicia

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If you are thinking about your next getaway, we bring you the most relevant thing you can do at Carnival in Galicia. Then in Galicia Travels brings you some options that will allow you to have a unique experience that you cannot miss.

Entroido of Xinzo de Limia

Xinzo de Limia, in the province of Ourense is famous for its Carnival known as “Entroido de Xinzo”. This celebration has been classified as a Festival of International Tourist Interest and is one of the most traditional and authentic in Galicia.


During Carnival, the town is filled with color, music and joy. The “cigarrons”, festive characters dressed in bright costumes and leather masks, roam the streets scaring people with their bells. In addition, you can enjoy parades, concerts and tastings of typical products of the region. The Entroido Xinzo of Limia is a unique experience that will immerse you in the Galician culture and traditions.

Parades of Comparsas in A Coruña

These parades are an exhibition of elaborate costumes, music and dance that run through the main streets of the city. Participants represent well-known characters from popular culture, such as superheroes, princesses and pirates.

It is a perfect opportunity for the whole family to have fun and enjoy the joy of Carnival.

Carnival in Galicia

Battle of Flour in Laza

Laza, in the province of Ourense, is another highlight to enjoy the Carnival in Galicia. The Battle of Flour is one of the most emblematic traditions of this town during the Carnival.

Participants throw flour at each other, creating an atmosphere of fun and joy. In addition, you can also enjoy parades, music and traditional shows.

The Battle of Flour is a unique experience and full of tradition that you cannot miss if you visit Galicia during the Carnival.

Gastronomic routes

Carnival in Galicia is also an opportunity to enjoy the delicious cuisine of the region. During this holiday, many restaurants and bars offer menus and special tastings related to the Carnival. You can try typical dishes such as carnival ears, filloas, empanadas and other local delicacies.

In addition, you can also enjoy the traditional “queimada”, a spirit and hot drink that burns in a vessel to the rhythm of a spell of protection against evil spirits.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the rich Galician cuisine during the Carnival.

Visit the costume markets

In many Galician towns, especially in the larger cities such as Vigo, A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela, markets are organized where you can find costumes, masks and accessories for the Carnival.

These markets are a must if you want to participate in the festival in a more active and original way. You can choose from a wide variety of options and find the perfect costume for you and your family. In addition, many of these markets also offer activities for children, such as makeup workshops and costume contests.

Visit Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia, is a special place to visit during the Carnival. The city has a lot of events and activities related to the festivity, from parades and costume contests to concerts and street shows.

Carnival in Santiago de Compostela is a unique experience that combines fun, culture and history. Carnival in Galicia is a festival full of joy, color and tradition. From the parades of comparsas in Coruña , until the Battle of Flour in Laza, there are a variety of plans to choose and enjoy with your family.

No matter where you choose to live the Carnival in Galicia, you will immerse yourself in a festive and fun atmosphere that will leave you unforgettable memories.