What to see and do in COSTA DA MORTE

What to see and do in COSTA DA MORTE

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Things to Do in Costa Da Morte

There are endless plans to do in Costa Da Morte. Adapt your trip to the time you will spend in this area that will offer you a unique experience.

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See closely the largest hórreo in Galicia

On the Costa da Morte there are some very striking hórreos, in addition to being the largest in the entire region. Thus, Lira and the hórreo de Carnota.

Monte Naraio

If for anything the area of Mount Naraio is characterized by one of the most outstanding viewpoints. And it offers unsurpassed views. In particular, it offers privileged views of the area of Mount Louro and the beach of Area Maior, which is very close to the ría of Muros. Not being too busy is a doubly attractive area to visit.

The village of Muros

Muros es un pueblo marinero pequeñito y con mucho encanto. If you go up the Costa Da Morte, it will be worth going up to this point to meet him.

the beach of Carnota

On the other hand, the beach of Carnota with its sandy beach is another place that you can not miss in the area. It is the most representative beach in the region, with a wild landscape, kilometers and located in the middle of the purest nature. A perfect area for long walks without crowds and also enjoy baths in crystal clear waters.

the Cemetery of the English

The so-called English cemetery offers incredible views of the coast and also of the area of Mount Blanco. It is a place that stands out for its history since this is where the remains of the crew of the English vessel rest Serpent. An area that has become a symbol for men who have lost their lives at sea.

Punta Nariga lighthouse

On the other hand we have the so-called lighthouse of Punta Nariga, a perfect location to visit, especially at sunset time. The views it offers are more than enough claim to consider going to the area.

The dune of Monte Branco

This place is completely virgin and, therefore, the accesses are made on foot by a road that is not signposted. It offers views from the top of the dune towards the cove with the beach and the cemetery of the English in the background.

Cabo Finisterre in Fisterra

The beach of Langosteira

That’s an important beach that belongs to the municipality of Fisterra. It has no less than three kilometers of fine sand, as well as different access areas to enjoy this point. An incredible place also to enjoy the best gastronomy since it has on the beach with restaurants that offer the best fresh fish.

Best routes in Costa Da Morte

If you’re gonna spend one day on the Costa da Morte another good option may be to choose to make a route. The route from Muros will be perfect. Continue north until you reach the beach and the hórreo de la Carnota. From that point, you can go to the viewpoint and the waterfall of Ezaro. Afterwards, you can go to the lighthouse of Fisterra and eat on the beach of Langosteira.

After lunch, you can go to the lighthouse Vilán in Camariñas and from there return to Santiago de Compostela. It is a route that will take you a little more than four hours, a time to which you will have to add the stops you can make. In any case, a perfect option to do in a single day.

In the event that you are going to be two days you can do the route that starts from Malpica and that takes you to the south to Muros. From there, you can see the lighthouse of Punta Nariga and head to Mount Branco and the beaches of El Trece.